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Watch Stormzy, Dev Hynes and More Look Moody for Adidas Originals

The promo clip is set to a rumbling update of Frank Sinatra’s fuck you anthem, “My Way”.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

What is the best way to get people to buy stuff? A surefire method is to get cool or in-demand people to advertise said stuff: after all, as the saying goes, "A detox tea sponsorship deal does an Instagram model make." And in the spirit of that time-honored method, certain brands have been kicking their campaigns up a notch recently, and it seems Adidas Originals is leading the charge. Their newest promo features a number of prominent creatives and public figures, including some best of British talent—like Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, Stormzy, and Mabel—all doing their own thing. And it's set to a new version of "My Way" by Frank Sinatra (the ultimate fuck you song, always), which has been re-imagined as a rabble rousing battle cry for a new generation. Surely a guaranteed way to sell more trainers, if nothing else. Watch the Adidas Originals promo, which also features Snoop Dogg and Petra Collins, below:

(Image via YouTube)