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Jay Z Spat a Verse Over Lethal Bizzle’s “Pow” and We, The People, Deserve To Hear It

Consider our campaign launched.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Lethal Bizzle's recent 1Xtra interview with DJ Target was pretty revelatory to say the least, with the UK rap legend chatting in depth about his past, present, and future. However probably the biggest reveal to come from the interview is probably that a Jay-Z verse for his crossover hit "Pow" exists somewhere, and we feel it is our responsibility to declare that the people want to hear it. Bizzle told Target that Jay Z requested the track for use on his 2006 tour, and so never recorded his verse. The only evidence we have so far of the verse is a 30 second clip of Jay-Z rapping over the "Pow" beat at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006 (this is also probably the one Target played on his show), but we think that, for the culture, Jay Z is now indebted to lay it down properly. We implore you, Jay. But, even in the strange event that Jay Z doesn't see this highly impressive blog post, the story of Bizzle hearing him cover the track after paying £150 for the privilege is a pretty great one, and worth your time in and of itself. Watch the full interview below and hear about Jay Z's love affair with 'Pow' 27 minutes in:

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