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The Roamin’ Catholics Have Even the Non-Believers Foamin’

Their new album marks the first vinyl release for Sydney independent record store-cum-label, Repressed Records.

The nature of an 'all-star band' implies that members come with the egos, insecurities and hang ups associated with being stars. The Roamin' Catholics were more of a 'rad bunch of friends playing cool shit' band. Around 2004, the five-piece played just over a handful of shows around Sydney, but Ela Stiles (Songs, Bushwalking, The Rangoons), Lincoln Brown (Ghastly Spats, Housewives),Tristan Price (Angie Band, Dry Finish), Luke Palmer (God K, Ingredient) and Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, White Man Is Oppressor, Twin Peaks) also had their share on stage/field experience.


They also happened to record some brilliant lo-fi pop, some of which will appear as the first vinyl release for Sydney's best independent record Repressed Records, in partnership with Atlanta's Army Of Bad Luck records.

Their track "Breadcrate", which you can listen to below, sounds like a weird mix of The Fall and something off the Celibate Rifles But Jacques, The Fish? EP. With Kenny seemingly reading/singing the temperature or weather conditions in parts of Sydney, the band heats up with dual guitars, back-up vocals and a burning rhythm section.

We are not sure if any shows will coincide with the release but we can always hope.

The Roamin' Catholics LP is available Jan 31 from Repressed Records and Army of Bad Luck records.

Image: YouTube