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Motherboard Does Drugs, Sex, Drones, and Code at Internet Week

Come see us in the meatspace.

Denizens of the World Wide Web take note: Internet Week is upon us. (This is not to be confused with Internet week, which is just every week.) For five splendid days, we can avert our strained and bleary eyes from our laptops and venture out into the meatspace to fraternize with the internet's finest minds. These, after all, are the people who make it possible for all of us to only have to do this once a year.


And like last year, Motherboard is going to be there. We're curating the "classroom" section going to be talking about the most important stuff on the internet—sex, drugs, drones, and code.

Our Future Sex columnist Kelly Bourdet and contributor Arikia Millikan will discuss the future of intimate times, our friend Daniel Pinchbeck, psychonaut extraordinaire and creator of, will talk the future of drugs, editors Brian Anderson and Alex Pasternack will talk drones with attorney Nabiha Syed and MuckRock editor Shawn Musgrave, and Colin Snyder, Motherboard's video games correspondent and the creator of Gameifesto, will get nasty with code on a panel with game designers Ivan Safrin and Shawn Alexander Allen and artist and curator Phoenix Perry.

For those of you so addicted to the internet that you'd rather not leave your house for any reason, a live feed is available for your viewing pleasure here. That's below; panels that have already happened will be archived below too.

Monday's session with Kelly Bourdet, Arikia Millikan, Joanna Angel, and Cindy Gallop on sex:

Tuesday's session with Daniel Pinchbeck on drugs:

Wednesday's session with Alex Pasternack, Brian Anderson, Nabiha Syed and Shawn Musgrave on drones:

Josh Klein and Doc Searls talked about what the internet is doing to our idea of "economies."

Motherboard's man in video games Colin Snyder talked to game designers Ivan Safrin and Shawn Alexander Allen and artist and curator Phoenix Perry.