30 Legendary Michael Jordan Photos Get an Exhibition

One of the most illustrious sports photographers in history teamed up with Your Art Gallery for an exhibition sale of iconic snapshots.
August 10, 2016, 5:10pm
Walter Iooss "Slamdunk ’88," Slam Dunk Contest, Chicago, Ill 1988. Images courtesy Your Art Gallery

If your favorite athlete played in the last 50 years, chances are they’ve been photographed by Walter Iooss. The prolific sports photographer started working for Sports Illustrated back in 1961 and has been taking pictures ever since. Recently, Iooss teamed up with printmaking studio and online art gallery, Your Art Gallery, for a new exhibition sale of 30 limited edition archival prints of Michael Jordan in his heyday. While MJ just donated $5 million to the Smithsonian today, Iooss has been snapping photos of him since 1987, eventually collaborating with him on a photographic autobiography of his career entitled Rare Air: Michael On Michael. The sale at YAG features several photographs from that book, most notably the famed white hoodie portrait (below), as well as many others he’s captured over the years.

Walter Iooss, "Blue Dunk," Lisle, Ill 1987

Iooss was selected as Your Art Gallery’s featured artist this month. In an interview with the photographer, the gallery asks the photographer how he asserts himself as an artist, when working with these “larger-than-life" athletes. Iooss responded, “Players are used to coaching, just like actors are used to directors. When they come to your shoot, they expect you to take charge… Your job is to disarm them, get the shots you need, and get them moving on with their lives.” See snapshots from the collection below:

Walter Iooss, "Red Dunk," Deerfield, Ill 1992

Walter Iooss, Chicago 1998

Walter Iooss, Chicago 1991

Walter Iooss "MJ," Orlando, FL 1998

Walter Iooss "Red Green and Black," Chicago 1988

Walter Iooss, "Rare Air," Coconut Grove 1993

YAG is a new platform that helps artist print and sell their work online. The website runs on a rating system that allows users to rate photographs on the site, which in turn regulates the amount of exposure they receive. Coinciding with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, YAG announced a ‘National Spirit’ photography contest, asking contestants to submit pictures that make them proud of their country. Participants can enter their work until August 28, 2016—but better do it quickly, because YAG is only taking the first 100 entries. You can sign up here.

Be sure to check out the prints sale at the Your Art Gallery website. You can also look at more work by Walter Iooss on his website.


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