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Insane CGI Graphics Let You Inside a Child's Imagination

Is this the end of the uncanny valley?
April 5, 2016, 4:35pm
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The CGI business is an arms race for canniness, and this surreal short just might be a harbinger of the war's end. Had we not read the words "animated short" in the video description of Mister and MissusLittle Things, we'd have spent a whole lot more time shouting, "IS THIS REAL OR CGI???" than we did. After dollying through several immaculately-designed digital sets, the short explodes into a symphony of self-playing instruments, suspended celestial objects, and lively flower petals that are clearly fake but have such detailed textures and colors that they could be mistaken for film grain.


Mister and Missus are a division of creative agency Hugo and Marie, which specializes in collaborations, artist management, and generally blowing the top off of your mind. While they do their fair share of editorial and advertising work, Mister and Missus focuses on personal projects that demonstrate their artistry. "This is a three-minute animated short inspired by a happy toddler, an unhappy car ride, and a pink muppet," reads the video's description. "The film is a gift to a toddler, exploring the filmmaker's musings regarding life, death, faith, art, an the things that we might make, set to a dusty and beautiful demo recording of Joe Raposo's 'Little Things.'"

The short has an uncanny connection to the inner child, from its on-the-ground perspective and visual whimsy to the fact that Raposo is the musical mastermind behind Sesame Street favorites like "Bein' Green" and "C is for Cookie." It's a great gift to animation enthusiasts, but an even greater gift for the toddler who inspired it.

You can read personal musings on the film from directors Mario Hugo and Sam Mason, here, and watch Little Things in full below.

Learn more about Mister and Missus on the official website.


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