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Arduino Handheld Game System "Gamebuino" Opens The Door To Infinite DIY Gaming

This DIY game system can unlock your inner gamer designer.

The grassroots, populist Arduino electronics platform has brought the world some crazy things, from living machines to a mathematical mini BMO from Adventure Time. Now the little hardware that could is powering a customizable gaming system called Gamebuino that can fit limitless digital fun in your wallet.

Gamebuino consists of an 84x48 px display, a mini joypad, three command buttons, and a library of pre-set codes that make it easy for any open mind to start building a game. From basic staples of gaming history like Pong to Zelda-like adventures games and beyond, the Arduino-powered console challenges its users to create something no one's ever seen before.


The entire project is based on the idea of opening up game development to new and innovative creative minds who haven't based their careers around software development. "You want to display a keyboard?" the Gambuino site asks. "Simply use keyboard()! You wanna rock out a fancy 4-channel music in the background while blasting and dashing through your level? Just call play(tetris)! Everything is included already, you only have to focus on making your game unique."

The micro USB, micro SD card, and two I2C ports add the possiblity of hardware mods like accelerometers to the mix. You can buy them at Seeed studio’s Grove system or Tinkerkit websites, or design them yourself. When they say anything is possible, they mean anything.

Even if gaming isn't your thing, Gambuino can also be used as an electronic interface for other projects. Gambuino's designers suggest data-loggers, 3D printers, and robots. We think those aren't ambitious enough, and you should make a data-logging, 3D printing robot shaped like BMO, but that's just us. See some pics of the awesome project below:

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