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Future Forward NYC Presented a Glimpse into Tomorrow

A living wall, a heat-responsive chandelier, and an infinity room came alive at our New York event.
June 6, 2016, 9:00pm

After months of intense preparation and a few long nights of installation builds, we finally kicked off our Future Forward event series at Industria Superstudio in New York City this past weekend. Presented—and inspired—by the all-new Prius, Future Forward opened to crowds able to experience  Drift, a heat-responsive chandelier,  Reach, an interactive living wall, and  Hoshi, an infinite space installation up close and brought to life. The event also unveiled the Prius Piano that let enthusiastic visitors to play a few tunes and watch the car light up with every strike of a key. Open to the public, Future Forward gave viewers young and old an experience of the future that they could see, hold, and feel.


We'll be rolling out exclusive interviews with the participating artists in the lead up to the next stop of our tour in Chicago on Saturday, June 18.

Check out the some of best photos from the New York event, below.

1,100 heat-reactive metal alloy pieces compose Doris Sung's stunning Drift chandelier

. Photo by Alex Welsh

Students from the Urban Arts Partnership make the tiles move in Reach, a living wall made up of lasers that respond to movements. Photo by Charlie Rubin.

Takami Nakamoto and Noemi Schipfer, the dynamic duo known as Nonotak, discuss past, present, and future work in a Q&A with The Creators Project's editor-in-chief, Marina Garcia-Vasquez. Photo by Alex Welsh

The body of the all-new Prius lights up with music as audiences fiddle with the Prius Piano installation. Photo by Charlie Rubin  

Any tune can be played on the Prius Piano—but it's the illuminated colors that really bring it to life. Photo by Alex Welsh

Partygoers enjoy the sights and sounds at Industria Superstudios in New York City. Photo by Alex Welsh.

An audience member captures the slow motion of Drift as it gets heated by theater lights. See it on Instagram using the hashtag #FutureForward. Photo by Alex Welsh. 

Learn more about the Future Forward event series with the all-new Prius here


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