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Experience A Whole Weekend of Partying in One Short Film

Check out this trippy tale of hedonism, featuring the music of Jamie XX.
December 12, 2015, 7:45pm

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Our generation’s hedonism skirts the limits of consumption-—alcohol, exquisite sexual freedom, designer drugs, and excellent marijuana. We know for sure that the future of this generation lies in the close social relationships we've established through house parties, endless festivals, and with, like it or not, a huge number of substances designed to alter our state. If you disagree, perhaps it's because you don’t move in the these circles, but don’t worry, this short will teach you how to live through this hot-blooded generation, bastard daughter of a three-way among Bacchus, Mick Jagger, and Cheech Marin.


Jamie XX is an architect of nearly every weekend, either through concerts or playlists, and his track "Girl" serves as accompaniment to Horny af, a short film by Millennial American that depicts a night in the life of a weekend warrior.

As a red planet overlooks the city, the protagonist begins a recap of his night via flashback—alcohol bottles, glass pipes and furtive romances. Graphic shirts and cracked streets, lights and color all meld in a psychoactive journey that ends in pure sexual fantasy, physical violence, and all kinds of fun debauchery.

Travel through this world of broken glass, thwarted orgasms, and trippy fantasy for a while:


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