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Explore an Extraterrestrial Dimension of New Media Art

Adam Ferriss, Claudia Maté, LaTurbo Avedon, and more offer a glimpse into their digital worlds at new media art biennial The Wrong (again)'s pavilion, 'The Others.'
Claudia Maté, Screencap from The Wrong Motel, 2015

Sifting through a seemingly impenatrable haze of Drake GIFs, emoticons, unicorns, abstract shapes is just a day in the life of many a netizen, but for the artists involved in The Wrong, the new media art biennal that opened this weekend, it's the crux of the creative process. In 2013, David Quiles Guillo founded The Wrong, gathering hundreds of new media artists to showcase the newest creative ideas from all over the web. Two years later, its predecessor, "The Wrong (again)" picks up where the original left off, with triple the scope. Over 50 websites and 40 physical locations featuring over 500 playful net experiments came to life—free to the public—under The Wrong (again)'s umbrella and website directory.


Their stated mission, "To create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience," is also a great explanation of what we've been doing at The Creators Proejct for the last five years. It's no surprise that one of our writers, Benoit Palop, is one of the 90 curators who put this overwhelming art event together. His dual website/pavilion is called The Others, and it brings The Creators Project mainstays like anonymous artist LaTurbo Avedon, CGI mastermind Claudia Maté, and browser architect Adam Ferriss under one digital roof. With a total of 27 visual artists and writers, The Others is a solid read on what's going on in the farthest fringes of media being explored by our intrepid artist heroes and heroines.

Adam Ferriss, Screencap from Texture Temple, 2015

LaTurbo Avedon's contribution, for example, is a four-minute film depicting her digital self "browsing" the internet—complete with shuffling hands and straying gaze—while her hair and clothing color changes. Claudia Maté built a house whose windows can be voyeuristically peered into, revealing quick animated vignettes. Adam Ferriss' contribution is a vast digital temple masked in transforming, impossible textures that only exists in your browser. Amid these works is a throng of GIFs, interactive experiences, and short videos that range from the meme-able, to the conceptually arcane. The sneaking suspicion that these images will wind up on some ad executive's mood board within the next five years is impossible to shake.


"The Others provides users with a web-based visual experience in line with what we, in 2015, know as the ´internet´—a beautiful chaos that rides the waves between banality and powerful creativity," read's the pavilion's description. "This ambiguous, browser-based journey will treat you to a creative and playful representation of what the web looks like today. It offers everything and nothing, total randomness, a chance to find community, but mostly a lot of crap." If you can get past the literal GIF swarm of crying Drake heads, Miley Cyrus eating ice cream, bacon, clip art, and memes that blanket the page, you might find an idea that surprises you.

Claudia Maté, Screencap from The Wrong Hotel, 2015

LaTurbo Avedon,

Browsing, 2015

Theo Triantafyllidis, Screencap from Ourovoros, 2015

The Others' full artist list is as follows: Laturbo Avedon, Birch Cooper, Adam Ferriss, Carrie Gates and Lennie Budgell, Émilie Gervais, Faith Holland, Rollin Leonard, Claudia Maté, Ezra Miller, Sam Newell, Eva Papamargariti, Tyson Parks, Lauren Pelc-McArthur, Lorena Prain, Sabrina Ratté, Bruno Ribeiro, Yoshi Sodeoka, Tristan Stevens, Theo Triantafyllidis, Mégane Voghell, Sarah Weis, and V5MT.

Check out their work on The Others website. See more from The Wrong on the official homepage. Support The Wrong's Indiegogo here.


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