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Light-Painted Illusions Bathe a Dancer in Psychedelia

One dancer, one box, and a whole lot of glow paint make for a real trip.
Crying Light, 2015. Images courtesy the artist.

It may be a long process but it sure is worth it. Crying Light, the latest project by Finnish artist Janne Parviainen, combines forced perspective drawings with light paintings to produce mind-melting geometric illusions.

The sketching alone took Parviainen 20 hours of a nearly 30-hour-long process, he tells The Creators Project. The 35-year-old Metal Art and Audiovisual Communication graduate began the project by creating three divergent photos while enlarging and modifying the drawing further and further in his studio in a bid to produce a coherent story within the series. The images feature Finnish dancer Unto Nuora, an active member of The Helsinki Dance Company, who provides Parviainen’s images with physical and somatic poses, complementing the already-psychedelic vibe.


Just a Flicker in the Distance, 2015

Through the use of ceiling-mounted tripods and paint splashes, the wide depth of field in the first image creates something of a “spacey” vibe. In image two, a genie figure seems to jump out at you, an effect achieved mainly through the use of LED lighting. In his third, Parviainen creates the illusion that his model is being lifted by a white LED petal. Using green LED lighting and RGB’s LED spray, Parviainen creates two characters that look as if they are spiralling into space and, in turn, continuing his story on.

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Over the Oceans, 2015

Studio Drawing, 2015

Studio Drawing, 2015

See more of [Janne Parviainen](http://Janne Parviainen)'s work on his website.


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