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Wes Anderson's Iconic Vehicles Take The Front Seat In This New Supercut

This collection of Wes Anderson's POV vehicle shots will give you indie movie flashbacks to your favorite scenes.
September 3, 2014, 4:45pm

With Wes Anderson // Vehicles, supercut extrordinaire Jaume R. Lloret has added Wes Anderson to his repertoire of theme-based high-speed edits. From Steve Zissou's submarine to Mr. Fox's fantastic motorcycle, planes, trains, automobiles, and more have provided some of Anderson's quirkiest settings and set pieces throughout his 20-year career, and—as per usual—Lloret's cut beautifully lays the repetition of this stylistic choice out for the whole World Wide Web to see.

The compilation highlights how consistently Anderson simulates the feeling of being inside vehicles, right beside the characters, these moments capture the emotional qualities intrinsic to each travel method—in Moonrise Kingdom, for example, the danger and uncertainty of running away from home is perfectly communicated through the POV shot of Sam's paddle boat floating through the reeds. Supercuts like this remind us why we fall in love with these films in the first place: We get to watch Owen Wilson pilot a helicopter into the sea, without any of the tears.


Below, take a look at some of the beautifully-framed shots Lloret gathered for Wes Anderson // Vehicles:

To check out out more of Lloret's supercut magic, visit his Vimeo channel.


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