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Sublime Macro Photographs Of Butterfly Wings

Photographer Linden Gledhill captures nature's hidden beauty with a macro focusing rail.
Images via. h/t Design Boom

As a child, who here loved the children's book Rainbow Fish? Trick question: everyone loved Rainbow Fish. Well, Linden Gledhill, the biochemist-turned-photographer featured in our documentary on the bio-art produced for Jon Hopkins' latest album, Immunity, is giving Marcus Pfister's beloved illustrations a real-life run for their money. Realizing the fictive beauty behind that rainbow fish's scales was visible in the everyday insect kingdom, Gledhill focused his work on the wings of Lepidopteras Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea, and Hedylidae. In other words: he took macro photographs of butterflies, skippers, and moths.


As if these special critters couldn't get any more beautiful, check out the stunning images Gledhill created with an automated macro focusing rail:

Well, which are your favorites? As if anyone needed "selecting their new computer backgrounds" to become the most challenging decisions made all day… We're really sorry about that.

Check out more of Linden Gledhill's stunning bio-macro photographs on Flickr, and watch him in action in our featured documentary