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A 3D Body Scan Becomes An Abstract Color Oasis In Entrancing Visual Experiment

For "Inside Me (Nils Frahm - Me Rework)," Dmitry Zakharov used a 3D-scan technique that allowed him to reproduce an image of his body as a moving 3D object in software.
September 22, 2014, 1:20pm

All images courtesy of the artist

Visual artist Dmitry Zakharov's latest video experiment turns a scan of his body into an animated surge of swirling colors. Based on a 3D-scan technique that allows him to reproduce an image of his body as a 3D object in software, Inside Me (Nils Frahm - Me Rework) is a project that highlights how imaging technology can warp the body into something something totally unrecognizable, not unlike a digital black hole.


In the video we see waves of evolving digital forms, shapes and contours that don't maintain the same color for more than a blink. Underneath the digital animation, a slow-burning rework of a Nils Frahm track enhances the atmospheric vibe. To create the piece, Zakharov used the negatives of his 3D body scan to create abstract shapes, as well as color data generated from a real picture. "The film reflects the invisible inner world of an individual," writes Zakharov on the project description.

He continues, "For me, the process of scanning is a very important part of this work itself. The idea of digitizing a body and hence the creation and deformation of its computer generated self, reflects the digital world we live in today. We create an alternative world, in which everybody can be what they want to be. In some way, it resembles to an act of creation."

See some screenshots from the video below, and lose your mind, soul, and body in Zakharov's digital abyss.

The original 3D-scan and the edited version.

For more of Zakharov's work, visit his website here.


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