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Storm Chasing Photographer Freezes Supercells into Stunning Cinemagraphs

Photographer Mike Hollingshead's cinemagraphs show supercell storms at their scariest and most beautiful.
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With a job description that includes actively pursuing some of the gnarliest shapeshifters in the sky, it's no small wonder why the first name of storm chasing photographer Mike Hollingshead's website is "Extreme." But given look at his incredibly steady cinemagraphs of supercell storms sweeping across still plains, we're doubtful when it comes to his site's surname—"Instability."

According to PetaPixel, Hollingsworth's images aren't standard cinemagraphic fare, either: inspired by the GIFs others had made from his images, "Rather than use a video or multiple frames as his starting point, Hollingshead creates his animations based on single static photographs." The results are often as electrifying as the storms themselves. And thankfully, we get to enjoy them from the comfort of our computer screens, as well.


Watch the supercell above circle over West Point, Nebraska, and check out more of Hollingshead's storm cinemagraphs below, and on Extreme Instability.

h/t Petapixel


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