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Watch a Tribute to Hitchcock's Terrifying Close-Ups

You'll never forget these famous faces.

The master of suspense meets the master of the supercut in Eyes of Hitchcock, a cinematic roundup that gathers the iconic close-ups Alfred Hitchcock used to scare his audiences. Kogonada, the supercut master and "video essayist" who compiled Wes Anderson's symetrical shots and Stanley Kubrick's one point perspectives, pieces together this compilation for the Criterion Collection's Vimeo channel.

Since Hitchcock's close-ups rarely last more than a few seconds, Kogonada has captured them in a looping GIF-like form, giving each shot the time it needs to be truly appreciated (and picked apart by film enthusiasts). Below, we made a few actual GIFs of our favorite moments, both from Kogonada's compilation and Hitchcock's career. We can't help but get lost in the Eyes of Hitchcock.


Keep an eye on the Criterion Collection's Vimeo for more classic film content, and visit Kogonada's page for more sublime supercuts.

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