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Watch A Drone Zoom Through The Ruins Of A Cyanide Factory

An abandoned cyanide plant covered in graffiti turns out to be the perfect place for aerial drone acrobatics.

When drones aren't busy documenting extreme sports, exploring abstract virtual realities, or taking selfies, what do they do in their spare time? Based on Cyanide Run, the recent video collaboration between BayAreaCrasher and Hovership, it looks like they get down and dirty practicing drone parkour. Pulling off crazy-nimble aerial acrobatics, the two drone videographers maneuver their unmanned quadcopters at lightning-fast speeds through the graffiti-covered ruins of the American Flats cyanide plant in Storey County, Nevada. Showcasing a wealth of street art, from simple tags to ambiguous, possibly political statements, the sweeping shots display the soaring, immersive possibilities of drone videography.


Not unlike the DIY Oculus Rift drone we covered back in April, BayAreaCrasher and Hovership have heightened their aeronautic experience by streaming their camera feed through a pair of video glasses. According to a comment on Reddit, the rig ran the duo about $400—not a bad price for a solid simulation of autonomous flight. Strap on a fan and some fake wings and they might even provide some competition to Birdly, the Oculus Rift bird-flight simulator.

Below, a few of the gravity-defying moments from Cyanide Run.

Check out BayAreaCrasher's Vimeo channel and Hovership's Vimeo channel for more high-flying adventures in drone videography. h/t r/GoPro


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