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Forget 15 Minutes of Fame, Here's 15 GIFs Dedicated to Andy Warhol

For the month of November, digital art gallery 15 Folds curated a collection of GIFs dedicated to Andy Warhol's favorite subject—FAME.
Fred Butler, Untitled. Images via

Digital art gallery 15 Folds loves the GIF. Every month, the online platform founded by technology entrepreneur Jolyon Varley, creative director Margot Bowman, and director Sean Frank creates a theme and GIFs it, and then invites 14 other artists to join in on the GIF-making. For the month of November, 15 Folds, in collaboration with Absolut Vodka and the Andy Warhol Foundation, invited artists, creatives, and designers, including O Thongthai, Lotte Andersen, and James Kerr, a.k.a., Scorpion Dagger, to each contribute a piece of GIF artwork that engages a theme quintessential to Warhol's oeuvre—FAME.


Featuring cultural references from Dolly Parton to Grumpy Cat, in the form of hand-drawn GIFs, augmented selfies, and digital collages, this is a gallery experience that might make the inscrutable Warhol himself bat an eyelid.

Below, check out 15 Folds's complete Absolut Andy Warhol Edition:

For more, including GIF art of months past, check out 15

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