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New Invention Allows You To Play Notorious B.I.G. Songs Like A Video Game

Illucia lets you use physical cables to connect things like video games, music software, synthesizers, and more.

Ever wanted to play Notorious B.I.G.? Not, like, play, like on airwaves, but play, like one plays a video game. Ever wondered what it would be like to patch Hyrule into the Mushroom Kingdom? The newest invention from Chris Novello, called illucia, is a patchable videogame system that will allow you to do both.

From the illucia website: "[Illucia] lets you use physical cables to connect things like videogames, music software, text editors, synthesizers, and more. It has a free suite of interconnectable games and software, plus it speaks OSC so it works with many existing programs. […] illucia is open source everything (built with Arduino and Processing), so you're free to build, reimagine, remix, or replicate in any way."


Illucia basks in its own patchy glow. 

We can't even fathom all the possibilities a device like this provides: playable networks? Patchable videogame-synths? Madness!

Or is it?

illucia: playable networks & videogame instruments by chris novello from paperkettle on Vimeo.

While illucia, despite its unlimited number of uses, may never see mass-production. Designer Chris Novello has handmade a single limited-run of the multicapable devices, and made them available on the illucia store. The devices cost $495 (Bitcoins accepted), and include a 10' USB cable, and an optional call from Chris to help you get started with your new patchbay controller.

Get 'em while they're hot, because you may never have another chance to play Katamari with an oscilloscope.

illucia outtake: patching an oscillator into Katamari from paperkettle on Vimeo.

Check out more of Chris Novello's work on the artist's blog, Paper Kettle