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Super Mario Just Got An Online Museum, So We Picked Our Favorite IRL Mario Moments

In case you ever wondered what Mario's life would be like in Brooklyn.
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Super Mario is pushing 30 years old, but as Aaliyah says, age ain't nothin' but a number. To prove this, IGN and Intel paired up and made an interactive, online timeline of the game variations that Nintendo has gifted us over the past three decades.

From a physical arcade game, to 8-bit handheld versions (what type of GameBoy did you have?) to modern Wii updates, the game has improved, yet the lovable Italian plumber has maintained heroic and iconic across the (mother)board.


"Mario" and "videogames" are practically interchangeable at this point, and his influence across culture is inimitable, inspiring a range of fan-fiction, Halloween costumes and parodies. Thus, The Creators Project picked our favorite real-life adaptations of the pixilated all-star.

Take a trip down Super Mario memory lane at IGN here, but for some top-notch parodies (read: lots of mushroom quips) and other #MarioMemories see below.

If Mario Lived in Brooklyn

POYKPAK Comedy has racked up close to 55 million views with their soap opera interpretation of the Mario tale. It begins, "Somewhere in Brooklyn…" and then unveils a story about a mushroom-addicted Mario who's relationship with Princess Peach is falling apart due to his drug problems ("You don't need the mushrooms, Mario. I think you're super just the way you are." Aw). There's bad blood between Luigi and Mario, and an invitation for some go-cart racing. This one is a must see.

The Plumber Joke Taken A Little Too Far

Machinima adapted the Mario tale into something a bit more literal. A heavy-set plumber (still in costume, naturally) is called in for a, uh, messy job. This Mario gets sucked into the toilet and is sent into the familiar Mario world where he "stompa tha mushrooms" and jumps on turtles. He even runs out of breath -- a nice realistic touch!

Machinima has made IRL versions of other video games, too. The Street Fighter one is worth a watch.


A Violent-ish Quickie

Andrew McMurray's real life interpretation gets a tad too real, where Mario smashes a mystery box and gets a gun to make his struggles easier. It's a bit much, but McMurray made an updated video that incorporates the flameflower, instead.

Parkour Mario

This video is simply awesome. Mario and Luigi doing backflips to catch coins. Yes, yes, a million times yes.

What are your favorite Mario homages? Please share any fan fiction, parody videos, or other odes in the comment section! Here's to 30 more years of our favorite mustachioed hero.