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Unlock The Beauty Of The Blaze With Psychedelic Fire Painting

Von Cotu's "Pyro Chemography" is a mix between Alex Grey and the Human Torch.

Floridian artist Von Cotu has taken our universal admiration for a controlled blaze of fiery glory and turned it into a new psychochemical dimension with his ‘Pyro Chemography’ photo series.

With his handy blowtorch and a mysterious mix of photographic chemicals, Von Cotu crafts vivid images that call to mind the entire spectrum of nature’s beauty, from magnificent micro-organisms to stunning gaseous galaxies. He has spent over a decade developing his unique fire-painting process, and now turns to Kickstarter to realize the full potential of this new art form.


“My images represent the gigantic and minuscule aspects of the Universe we live in, and I feel privileged to merely show what is already there,” Cotu says on his Kickstarter page. But the man’s gotta eat… and pay for more blowtorch fuel. His Kickstarter supporters will receive canvas prints of his paintings, and big spenders will get a giant, exclusive, custom-burned fire painting just for them. Donations will also make possible his upcoming photo series “Pyro Chemography Revealed,” in which he will finally make his mysterious technique public.

Some of his fire paintings have appeared in exhibits, live performances, music videos, on album covers and in private collections. The inner pyro in us is pumped for a legitimate reason to just stare at flames again, just like we did last week.

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