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24-Hour Online Cat TV Is The Logical Conclusion Of The Internet

"All cats, all the time."
May 7, 2014, 1:50pm

It finally came to this. Admist the already-overwhelming deluge of cat-focused Internets, an online video streaming service called Pluto.TV has composed a 24/7 365 channel called, understandably, "Cats 24/7." It would not be unfair to suggest that procrastinators have a serious new obstacle to overcome.

Cats 24/7 isn't really a TV channel, so much as a never-ending playlist of YouTube videos, focused into segments or "shows" like Scaredy Cats, Putting Up With Humans, Kitten Zone, and Big Cats. The last I checked, a five-minute clip of an Ocelot kitten playing with a dog was on full blast, which could be tracked to this YouTube video here:


Pluto.TV isn't just for cat freaks like myself, though. Admist its 1,000 channels includes streams focused on guns, cars, comedy, sports, and the lot. According to an article on Wired, Pluto.TV claims that it is "revolutionizing the way people enjoy video content online"—even if it uses a simple algorithm, little curation, and probably some processes that are close to copyright infringement. You might ask: did we need this? Did we really need this? But hey, maybe you're a dog kinda person—and that's why Pluto.TV has "Dogs 24/7" too. What a time to be alive.


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h/t Wired