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Animal-Hipster Hybrids Projected on Paris Walls

Go on an urban hunting trip of surreal proportions with Julien NONNON's 'SAFARI URBAIN.'
Images courtesy the artist

If you bump into bald eagle in a business suit or a buffalo wearing a paisley scarf in Paris, chances are, you have multimedia artist Julien NONNON to thank (or blame, depending on your stance toward mystical anthropomorphic creatures). The French founder of design studio Le3 is filling his city with a SAFARI URBAIN, ephemeral street projections of duffel coat-wearing, layering, scarf-clad hipster animals, just in time for Fashion Week here in New York.


The series of manimals are NONNON's commentary on conformity in the fashion world, and are intended to burn a surreal impression into the mind but leave walls clean afterwards. "This bestiary coming right out of fashion magazines, questions our behavior, our ambivalent desire to be both unique and wanting to belong to a well-defined group," he tells The Creators Project. "In our way of dressing, we express our vision of the world, while indirectly revealing our social position and financial power."

As with Brooklyn art collective Dawn of Man's tongue-in-cheek Projection Napping or Obscura Digital's Projecting Change, NONNON's smartly clad creatures don't demand your full attention (like, say, a Universal Everything spectacle), but instead create a compelling ambiance for the environment they momentarily hunker down in.

NONNON has photographed each temporary installation, and will sell them as prints on his website. Check out some of our favorites, as well as a making-of video, below:

Find each SAFARI URBAIN projection on a map here, and see more of Julien NONNON's work on his website.

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