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Artist Uses Aluminum Wires To Create Incredible Sculptures

Seung Mo Park turns typical hardware material into fascinating 3D figures.

South Korean artist Seung Mo Park produces painstakingly detailed sculptures from untraditional building materials. These figures, part of the Brooklyn-based artist's Human series, replicate both the human body and romantically draped fabric. Incorporating tightly wrapped layers of aluminum wire, generally used to power grids and conect objects to an electrical source, on fiberglass base forms, Park captures a variety of complex textures and shapes.


When exposed to overhead light, these sculptures acquire an almost otherworldly beauty. Folds and indents create a wide spectrum of shadow depths, making the wire resemble billowing sheets of satin. Even the coiled skin of these forms seems to produce some sort of movement.

Below, you can check out more of Park's intricately crafted (and incredible) work: