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A Roundtable on the Adventurous State of Gay Nightlife

Honey Soundsystem, Honcho, Wrecked, the Carry Nation, TNX, and Men's Room join the THUMP Podcast for a roundtable about the queer underground.
Photo by Emilie Friedlander

Some of the country's best DJs and promoters were in New York last week for an event put on by Red Bull Music Academy called Trade Show. Representatives from Honey Soundsystem, Honcho, Wrecked, the Carry Nation, The NeedlExchange, and Men's Room all united under one roof. The show was meant to demonstrate the rise of a network of gay parties across the country that prioritize adventurous musical selections running the gamut from disco, to techno, and even more gnarled forms of club music.


We figured it'd be a good time to get all of them in one room for a chat, so this week's episode of the THUMP podcast is an overstuffed two-parter on the state of the gay underground. Features editor Michelle Lhooq leads Aaron Clark (Honcho), Baronhawk Poitier (TNX), and aCe (Men's Room) through a discussion of the intersection of partying, politics and inclusivity on the first part. Then after a break, she returns with Jackie House (Honey Soundsystem), Ryan Smith (Wrecked), and Nita Aviance (The Carry Nation) for a talk about the differences between mainstream and underground gay parties. Also there's some real estate given to everyone's favorite party drug…poppers.

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