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Call Your Weed Guy Before Blasting "Bun Down" from Swing Ting's Madd Again! Crew

Don't forget to have change ready.

Bashment, grime, UK funky, garage—Manchester party and label Swing Ting's releases offer a fragrant melting pot (get it?) of dance-fueled stew. Their next release is an EP from Madd Again!—the group comprised of Manchester veteran Zed Bias alongside Trigga, Specialist Moss, and Killa Benz—called MaddTing Vol. 2.1. Earlier this month they shared "Brand New Dubplate," and now we're blessed to premiere "Bun Down," which features legendary British reggae singer Sweetie Irie. The crew comes through with a dubby, sinsemilla-soaked ode to evading weed-hating police, Rizla rolling papers, and BMW sports cars. If you're not already sold, check out what the label mates had to say about the tune below the embed.


Zed Bias: "Bun Down" started off as a beat I made with Triggs, mainly for our festival sets. I sent it to Moss, who smashed a hook out for us, then we got Benz and Sweetie on it quickly. We knew it was a winner as soon as it was mixed down. It's been doing damage in our sets for a bit now, great to see it being released.

Trigga: Zed cooked up the beat and I started freestyling on the mic, the words "bun down the place" came out in that melody and it was a wrap. He locked it in because he knew we had it. He sent it to Specialist Moss and the rest was MADD!…

Specialist Moss: Zed called me and said he's going to send over a beat. I listened to the beat and it was sick as usual, all it had was Trigga's vocal saying "bun down the place". I got work in my home studio and got the vibe for my verse and the hook. The hook was actually meant to be a guide, but I sent it back to Zed by mistake and he and Trigga phoned me and said "Yo! Madd Ting!"

Killa Benz: I got a call from Farda Zed new riddim, new tune, the concept was sealed all I needed to do on this was execute—this happens to be my fav track thus far. Bun down naturally blends with our upbringing and surroundings of the Meds . Once I laid my vocals the doctor fixed it up, Kaboom!!

Sweetie Irie: So I worked with Zed back in the day and I'm one of his biggest fans, love his music so when he contacted me about the Madd Again! collab, I was like, 'Yep send me the beat'. I heard the beat and the hook from Specialist Moss - that was enough and then within a few minutes I had my verse down. Always a pleasure to work with Zed and the Madd Again! crew. Bigup. Bless!