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Here's a Video of Mac DeMarco Doing Billy Joel Karaoke, You're Welcome

Don't goooooo changin'.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Rough day? Feeling kind of tired, maybe kind of stuck in a rut? Would you like something to pull you out of the void now you've exhausted your "dog reunited w owner emotional cute" YouTube search? Well, this way please: look no further than this very special video of Mac DeMarco performing Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are" on karaoke, included for posterity and guaranteed mood improvement above.

The thing that makes this so heart-warming and special and weird is that even though Mac DeMarco is doing karaoke at the afterparty for Slowdive's Brooklyn show and not a certain southeast London institution that will not be named, his reckless abandon is recognisable for all keen karaoke-goers. When that mic is in your hand, you are God. You are one with your chosen song. In karaoke, you are whole. That, here, is what's happening to Mac. Watch how he swings his beer about as he yells into that mic, the way he seems only seconds away from start a one man pit, so swept up is he. Mac DeMarco, right here, is the heart and soul of karaoke, of one of life's most singular pleasures.

He recently also just put out a brand new album titled This Old Dog, and in between impassioned Billy Joel tributes, he's also been on the promotional trail for that. One stop on that probably months-long road was over with Phil Taggert on BBC Radio 1, for whom he put together a "Bedtime Mix". His picks include Kirin J. Callinan, Homeshake, Aldous RH, Infinite Bisous and Eola, and the whole thing (which you can hear here) makes for very pleasant listening indeed.

tl;dr: whether it's transcendent karaoke Mac or excellent playlist maker Mac, you should probably let the old dog make your life better today.

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(Image via YouTube)