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J Hus, Young MA and Lunice Will Now Also Play Appelsap Festival

They'll be joining the likes of Lil Wayne, Dave and 67 for the Amsterdam one-day party in August.

I don't know if you've noticed lads, but it's coming up to festival season!!! That one blissful section of the year where you file away all the fucked up news, shitty weather and outraged tweets for weeks upon weeks of relentless chemical and music-fuelled revelry (or at least one weekend of it – we're not all made of money). With that in mind, you'll probably be deciding what festival to haul your tired ass to right about now, which is why I am writing this post.


Earlier this year, we announced the first names for Appelsap Fresh Music Festival – a rap and hip hop-focussed event that will be happening in Amsterdam's Flevopark on Saturday 12 August – headlined by Lil Wayne and joined by a bunch of UK names like Dave, Siobhan Bell and 67. Now, more artists have been announced to that line-up in the shape of our boy J Hus and Young MA as well as Lunice, Amy Becker and 070 Shake. As well as that, us at Noisey will be curating our very own stage, so we'll see you there.

See the full line-up (so far) above, and click here to buy tickets.

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