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Physical Therapy Shares Two-Hour Mix of Unreleased Original Material

"Original" also features collaborations with Ambivalent, Michael Magnan, and Max McFerren.
Photo by Julia Burlingham and Natascha Goldenberg.

Berlin-based producer Physical Therapy today shared a new 29-track, two-hour mix exclusively made up of original tracks, collaborations, and one remix. Aside from just a couple tunes, everything on "Original" is unreleased, so the session should be like catnip for fans of the Allergy Season label founder.

Fisher never seems to let his sound congeal into just one style, and this mix is no exception—starting off calm and soulful, it soon gets a little wonky, and then it's straight up jacking before too long. His collaborators here include Ambivalent (as the PTA duo), Michael Magnan (as Fatherhood), and Complete Walkthru, a.k.a. Max McFerren.


On the eve of Trump's inauguration in January, Allergy Season teamed up with NYC collective Discwoman to share a protest compilation called Physically Sick. All proceeds for the stellar, 42-track opus go to The American Civil Liberties Union, Callen-Lorde, The National Immigration Law Center, and Planned Parenthood.

In 2015, Fisher gave THUMP the rundown on 66 breakbeat tracks that get his heart pumping.

"Original" tracklist:

1. Physical Therapy - Airpusher
2. Physical Therapy - It Ain't Rocket Science
3. Physical Therapy - Dial Up
4. Physical Therapy - The Pressure [forthcoming House Crime]
5. Physical Therapy - One More Chance [forthcoming Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest]
6. Physical Therapy - More Sugar [forthcoming Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest]
7. Physical Therapy - Dope Beat
8. Physical Therapy - Love's Theme 2015 [forthcoming Exotic Dance Records]
9. Groove Selecta - Hidden Agenda (Physical Therapy Remix) [forthcoming Keepers of the Wild]
10. Physical Therapy - Rough Break
11. Physical Therapy - Vaseline Break [forthcoming House Crime]
12. Physical Therapy - Probiotic
13. Physical Therapy - Humidity
14. Physical Therapy - Sea Salt
15. Physical Therapy - This Techno Tool Track Kills Fascists [Allergy Season]
16. Physical Therapy - Rubber Plant
17. Physical Therapy - Recycled
18. Physical Therapy - My Medicine
19. Physical Therapy - Now With More Protein!
20. Physical Therapy - Flex
21. PTA (Physical Therapy & Ambivalent) - PTA1 [forthcoming The Corner]
22. Physical Therapy - Forgive Forget
23. Physical Therapy - Radiation
24. Physical Therapy - Something
25. PTA - PTA6
26. Physical Therapy - Group Think [forthcoming Exotic Dance Records]
27. Physical Therapy - Work Out (Dub From Above)
28. Complete Walkthru & Physical Therapy - Popcorn
29. Fatherhood (Physical Therapy & Michael Magnan) - Mural [forthcoming Batty Bass]

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