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Hot Shit: Women Share Their Messiest Poop Fetishes

Scat is usually thought of as a male fetish, but there are plenty of women who love the texture, smell, and taste of waste. We speak to five female coprophiles about their misunderstood fetish.
Not poop, mud. Photo via Flickr user Eli Duke

We were two bottles of Prosecco down at a work leaving do when the subject turned to: "Have you ever done a shit in front of your boyfriend?" Most agreed that there are some boundaries in a relationship you should never cross, and taking a dump in front each other is one of them.

The social anxiety surrounding the taking of a number two, along with the general grossness we all feel about poop—and the word poop, for that matter—makes the idea of a fetish for human waste completely unfathomable. How could you find that attractive? The smell! The texture! Isn't it bad for you?! (Not if you're careful, scat enthusiasts say.)


Before putting this article together, the only insight I had into coprophilia was Two Girls One Cup and a rumor about a family friend who once smeared his poop all over the bathroom walls of a fancy restaurant. Then I discovered a subreddit called /r/Coprophiles.

This forum is the Reddit destination for shit-loving kinksters to confide in one another and discuss the subject without fear of being judged. The shame attached to finding poop attractive means that many aren't willing to open up about it. While the fetish appears to skew male in terms of its audience, it doesn't mean women are left to be passive receptacles (so to speak).

Five women agreed to speak with me about their experiences involving coprophilia, including those with the fetish and those that have dated men with the fetish. Here's what they had to say. Some names have been changed.

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Jane, 28

I'm not sure when I first realized I had it. I remember using a mirror from around 12 and into my teens to watch myself poop. When I started thinking about sex a lot at 14, it then became sexually arousing.

I sought out videos online, which are unfortunately like 99 percent women. [It's] harder still because I only like voyeur type vids. Eating, smearing, shitting on someone, and the like, is probably about as gross to me as it is to someone without the fetish. Most vids with men seemed to feature that kind of stuff.


Again: not poop. Photo via Pixabay

I did find my "unicorn" vid, a man shitting in a squat toilet. I always loved the squat voyeur vids the most—the position, the angles, how you're more exposed and can better see the shit piling up afterwards. I finally got to use squat toilets in India, and it was such a huge turn on.

I think the hottest thing for me though is the way the anus stretches, not so much the poop itself. Especially how the anus sort of sticks out in a lot of people, including myself. Not prolapse though, that's nasty.

It's funny, but I do like watching the vids I've taken of myself. I can take some pretty impressive shits.

Sorsha, 22

I've always been open-minded when it comes to sexuality and kink (I like to try just about everything once), and I make independent/amateur pornography for a living. My introduction to scat was when a buyer asked me to make him a simple scat video, on the very tame side of the fetish. I did it and wasn't bothered by it at all, and became curious about the kink. I started delving more into it and discovered that I really liked it.

For me it's mostly the physical things about it. The initial release; the texture of it against my hands or body; the weight of it when on my body—things like that. I prefer Bristol scale [the stool chart that classifies the form of human feces into seven categories] type three and four, though I don't mind softer stool at all. I'm not really a fan of the softest—too acidic.


I haven't actively sought a partner to play with, so I haven't experienced the struggle. It certainly is a struggle for a lot of people though, especially because it seems to be mostly a kink for men, and the women who are into it are either "grabbed up" right away or get so overwhelmed with male interest that they prefer to not open themselves up to be hassled or harassed.

Various things will increase the risks of playing or eating. These things are: It's someone else's scat; you have an immunity disorder; they have an immunity disorder; you are sick; they are sick; the scat is aged. There are risks, but if you educate yourself and take proper precautions, you're pretty safe.

I've never personally gotten sick from my scat. The closest I have ever come was pushing my boundaries too hard and eating too much at once, and I had a stomach ache for a while. Obviously putting scat in the vagina isn't healthy to do, but I've heard that douching after increases the risk of infection.

Photo by Jeff Wasserman via Stocksy

Lola, 35

I've always been fascinated with peeing and pooping. As a child I used to watch myself go to the bathroom with a mirror. This stopped during my teenage years due to the fact I then thought it was gross and weird. I blew it off as one of those weird things kids do.

So fast forward to my adult years… [when I was ] 19 plus. I was watching a ton of watersports (pee porn) and stumbled upon a man pooping. I was completely grossed out and couldn't believe it, however couldn't stop watching. I then Googled poop porn to see if this was just weird or if this was actually a thing others were into. Sure enough, scat porn came up and I started to watch.


I only like watching men poop, I'm not into eating or smearing. The sign of anus stretching to accommodate the load really gets me going. The thought of how much relief the person is having [when they are] able to finally release is amazing to me.

I am married, but pooping for me does not turn on my husband. However, he gets really turned on knowing I get really excited.

Hannah, 23

I dated this guy for two years. We didn't start expressing fetishes until like, a few months in. He had a scat fetish, but mildly. He liked it in porn, but didn't want to act it out, really. (Honestly I think he was afraid to ask me to try it out). He loved anal though, especially if I was "dirty" before and/or after.

Rosie, 26

I first discovered my fetish when I was around 12 or 13. I had recently discovered internet porn and one website I went to had a massive number of links to free image galleries and I accidentally ended up in a section that had scat and pee content. At first I was grossed out but something just made me keep looking. As a younger kid I had been very interested in pee so I think it was always there.

What attracts me is more of the act than the actual poo. It's an act that most of us keep extremely private. It's the ultimate expression of intimacy and vulnerability. That being said, I do prefer a somewhat firmer type, like something similar in consistency to ice cream.

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The things people do with poo are as diverse as any sexual act and people can get very creative. Personally, I like to go in different areas around the house (into a receptacle, of course). It's tied to the excitement of doing something taboo which can be surprisingly strong despite being in the house alone.

Rarely, approximately twice a year or so, I'll get the desire to engage in more heavy play where I will actually get it on me. When I do, I generally get it on a good portion of my body and masturbate. I very rarely eat it. Sometimes I will put in in my mouth and enjoy the flavor of it but I usually don't swallow it. The flavor isn't as bad as most people imagine it to be, depending on your diet. It's usually something similar to very dark chocolate or coffee and can actually be very sweet at times.