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Tresor Resident J.C.'s New Single Balances Velocity and Serenity

"Prayers to Anansi"​ is off the forthcoming 'Vertigo' EP on his own Cabrera imprint.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Vitoria-Gasteiz-based musician Jose Cabrera, aka J.C., today shared a gleeful new track off his upcoming Vertigo EP. "Prayers to Anansi" simultaneously feels like a come-up and a comedown, relaxing the listener with calming ambiance while the lead chords strike up a euphoric velocity. The track's drum section borrows from '90s house and breakbeat, a precise rhythm that nevertheless hurtles forward with reckless abandon.


The Tresor resident told us about his intentions for the EP over email. "When I started working on Vertigo I had one thing on my mind— just to get out a bit from what I was hearing in most techno releases this year," he said. "Everything sounded too similar and was lacking soul and originality. I also wanted to somehow get back to my house roots, and explore rhythms and arrangements to deliver something other than what I was doing before. It was a need to escape from where I was stuck."

The EP will be released on the producer's own Cabrera imprint on May 5.

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