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There’s Now an EDM DJ Filter on Snapchat

The transformation comes complete with a sparkly hat and pink lip gloss.

In the latest "this is what corporate America thinks of electronic music" news, Snapchat has released a new face-mapped "lens" that seems to turns you into an EDM DJ. Or fan—it's unclear, really. Either way, the EDM transformation comes complete with a sparkly hat worn to the side, a bad tan, and questionable facial hair. When you record a selfie video of yourself-as-Miami-Music-Week-attendee, some generic electro-house plays. The only thing missing is the tank top.


While die-hard EDM fans might take issue with the shiny pink lip gloss the lens suggests they have, at least it's not as bad as their unwoke filters—like that super questionable Bob Marley one from April 2016.

Photo by the author.

Last week, Snapchat introduced "World Lenses," which layer 3D rainbows and dancing cows on and in whatever your phone captures. Think the augmented reality of Pokemon Go, but with more Lisa Frank vibes.

To transform into DJ Snapchat, make sure the camera is facing you. Tap your face, and then swipe a few lenses to the right until you find the lil' guy in the sideways hat. Make sure your sound is on to get that sick beat. But better cop that filter soon—Snapchat regularly rotates its lenses, so you can't expect Snapchat's ode to EDM to stay around for long. It's ephemeral, guys.