Mura Masa's Album Will Be a Plethora of Delights, Including AK Paul, Bonzai and A$AP Rocky

The DJ and producer told Zane Lowe all about it during a lovely chat on Beats 1.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
April 26, 2017, 10:54am

I've got a good feeling about this one. We got a taste of what to expect from the self-titled debut album of production wunderkind Mura Masa (he's 21 which is extremely feel old yet??? of me to point out but like, he's 21) a few weeks ago, when he released "One Night," the first track from his forthcoming self-titled record.

"One Night" notably features the vocal stylings of one Charli XCX (not sure if you've heard of her?) and it seems that she's not the only big name who'll be appearing on the Guernsey-born musician's ambitious first LP—it kind of feels like he's the Calvin Harris that Calvin Harris always wanted to be at that age.


Over Coachella's second weekend, in a conversation that aired on Tuesday evening, he told Beats 1's Zane Lowe that the album will also play host to even more ridiculous features, including AK Paul, A$AP Rocky, Damon Albarn, Christine and the Queens, Desiigner, NAO, Bonzai, Tom Tripp and Jamie Lidell. Probably the biggest score here is AK Paul, who tends to spend his time outside of the public eye, and is very selective about his musical projects when not being a hermit. Of the collab, Mura told Lowe:

"Once you meet [the Paul Brothers] and get to know who they are as people you realize nothing about them is pretence or being mysterious on purpose. They just care so much about their output and what they do being right and correct that sometimes they go for years without saying anything because they feel like it's not ready or something. The J Paul album influenced everybody, everything. It's crazy and AK was heavily involved in that record, more than people realized. I just think having him on the album was a bare essential. I had to pay homage and having his voice on there it's a dream come true."

He also discussed working with all the other collaborators, stating that Albarn's track "might be his favorite on the album," and that working with A$AP Rocky was "amazing"—as you can probably imagine.

Listen to their full conversation below, and get excited too:

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