'Everything I Stand for Is Being Threatened Right Now:' The Best Signs at the March for Science


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'Everything I Stand for Is Being Threatened Right Now:' The Best Signs at the March for Science

Thousands of scientists and allies of science march on Washington, DC.

The water cycle is definitely working at the March for Science in Washington, DC. These people braved the elements to stand up for truth and data-driven policies. I asked them each a bit about why they came.

"I was planning to drive my electric car to give people rides and yesterday there was a microburst in my community. Ten of them fell down in my community and one blocked the entrance so no one could leave. I looked around at those trees and I said, 'This is a sign,' so I made a sign." - Lynne Parsons


"I'm a research assistant the Woods Hole Research Center. I'm from Russia originally and I'm here because science matters. I think science has no borders and governments need to support it. -Anya Suslova

"You can get anything on the internet. It's very roomy in here. I'm a student from the University of North Carolina, and I study coral reefs in the Caribbean." -Kate Gonaughts

"The hat is a recycled colander for spaghetti. I had a bunch of resistors left over from previous salvaging operations and two PET bottles put together with electrical tape to make them look like resistors. It's functioning to some extent."

"I could have marched in LA but this was important enough for me to march today. Everything I stand for is being threatened right now. This is my daughter's future, the future of humanity that's threatened by what's being taken away." -Evelyn Cortez-Davis

"Considering what things are like now, it's important. I've always wanted to protest like this—didn't get to go to the women's march so I wanted to come to this." -Orlando Angelone

"I came because I think Donald Trump should not do this because he has no experience and no reason to be president except to be rich, which he already is. I want to be a scientist to help people with cancer." -Noelle Levett

"Ignorance is just so annoying, and I hate it. I came because I wanted to be a part of history." -Julius Cucinella

"She's a Fulbright scholar going to Yale in 2018 to work on her PhD in chemistry."

"Our bus broke down in Rhode Island in the middle of the night last night. We got an alternative bus." -Dave McGlinchey