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CARES' Uneasy "Vendor Day" Was Inspired by Abandoned Hospital Webcams and Apocalyptic Bible Verses

Hear a new track from the Toronto "sad rave" producer's upcoming EP 'Coping Strategies.'
Brendan Hodge

Under the alias CARES, Toronto producer James Beardmore has put out a handful of Bandcamp releases, which he's described as "sad rave" and "harsh noise relaxation therapy." Next month he'll drop a new EP titled Coping Strategies on Toronto-based "post-internet" web label & Options. The first taste of said EP, "Vendor Day" is built on a sustained industrial hum that only gets interrupted by glitching drones that bottom out with heavy doses of bass. Sinister sirens emerge from the instrumental track and then degrade before the song fades away completely.


Over email, the producer told THUMP that the track was inspired by the appropriately uneasy imagery of "a riot in a convention centre full of medical equipment companies, a child preaching apocalyptic Bible verses explaining he doesn't understand the words he is screaming, and webcam feeds of abandoned hospitals." Listen to "Vendor Day" below, Coping Strategies comes out May 5.

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