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Balearic Social's Incantations Mix is a Masterclass in Reversed Motion

Leeds-based selector Andy Pye keeps things dewy-eyed and balmy on our latest home listening session.

For over six years now, Andy Pye's been transforming his home city into a vision of paradise. Once a month, down at the Outlaw's Yacht Club, over the course of an evening, Leeds becomes a Leo Mas style landscape; heavenly birds swoop down from office blocks, the oaks of Hyde Park mutate into giant palms, and everything is awash in brilliant blue.

Or at least that's how it seems whenever we find ourselves in the company of Pye's Balearic Social squad. The operation, which takes in radio shows , club nights, and a record label, is devoted to keeping the Balearic spirit alive in the most authentic way possible: good music played by good people looking to have a good time.

With a fifth 12" on the way—featuring suitably soothing sounds courtesy of Plastic Fantastic, Calle Gravina, and Coyote—we couldn't have asked for a better host for the third edition of our home listening mix series.

What Pye's turned in is an hour long, dewy-eyed meander through the kind of beautiful musical vistas that genuinely make life worth living. Subtitled "Reversed Motion," expect to hear music from the likes of Tommy Awards, Nancy Noise, and Mark Barrott along the way. This is the real deal.