‘Pac-Man 99’ Is a Welcome Concession for Mario’s Death

Nintendo should simply tell us when they’re releasing another battle royale.
April 13, 2021, 1:00am
Screenshot of Pac-Man 99, a pac-man board in the center of the screen is surrounded by 98 other pac-man boards.
Image courtesy of Nintendo

March 31st, known the internet over as the day that Mario died, was the final day you could play Nintendo’s Mario based take on the Battle Royale, Mario 35. Mario. Many took to the internet that day to jokingly lay everyone’s favorite italian plumber to rest, but fair amount of people were also legitimately sad to see such a fun experiment be taken offline. Little did we know that a mere six days later Nintendo would announce Mario 35’s successor, Pac-Man 99. While the overlap of Mario fans and Pac-Man fans may not be a perfect circle, you could reasonably assume that if Nintendo had announced this game sooner, it would’ve softened the blow of losing Mario 35. We discuss the new Battle Royale take on Pac-Man and take another deep dive in the Question Bucket on this episode of Waypoint Radio.

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