Anti-Vaxxers Tried to Shut Down London by Pressing Every Pedestrian Crossing Button

It didn't work.
Anti-Vaxxers Tried to Shut Down London by Pressing Every Pedestrian Crossing Button at Once
Photo: Tayfun Salci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images and National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Anti-vax activists in London staged an event on Monday “against tyrrany [sic], genocide, vaccine passports [and] injecting children” by encouraging protesters to press every pedestrian crossing button in the capital simultaneously.

A Facebook group entitled “Push Those Buttons” encouraged anti-vaxxers to create “gridlock traffic” between 7AM and 10AM, despite most pedestrian crossings in London being automated, meaning the buttons have no impact on when traffic stops.


Nevertheless, a description on the group addressed to “fellow button pushers” said that the event’s organisers wanted to “bring London to a total standstill and remind this government that NOTHING moves or happens in this country unless the people agree to it.”

“If we all commit to this project, London will be gridlocked,” the message said. “You can do this right where you live, it only needs your commitment and your finger!”

The Facebook group’s history shows that the group’s name was originally “Push Them Buttons” and was later changed to “Push Those Buttons,” hinting at internal divisions.

The group has 3,600 members but it is not clear how many took part in the Push Those Buttons protest, while traffic in London was unaffected on Monday. 

Anti-vaxxers staged more concrete protests last weekend as the vaccine rollout in the UK was extended to teenagers with underlying health conditions. In London, four Metropolitan Police officers were injured during clashes with protesters.