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Support Restaurants by Buying This Awesome Merch for Your Holiday Gifts

Gifting this hyper-cool merch is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: make your friends happy, and support your fave restaurants.

It’s been nine long months since we could wine and dine with any semblance of normalcy, and we have a message for all of our favorite noodle shops, dive bars, barbecue joints, secret sushi spots, and other food-and-drink haunts: We miss you so, so bad. While we hope 2021 brings us (safely) back to the tables, booths, and countertops of the bars and restaurants we hold so dear, in the meantime, we’re always looking for ways to support the businesses that have hosted our celebratory evenings, been home to our rituals, remembered our regular orders, and nursed our hangovers. Thankfully, businesses have really mastered the merch game in recent years, and there are hats, hoodies, socks, and even home decor that we can buy and share to recognize just how much these places mean to us. Pick up some of this swag to support your favorite spots, and gift them to a friend who will be equally happy to rep them.


Katz's Deli hat


Sure, you can always send someone a grip of pastrami, but that unlike a dad hat, it won't last forever. Prepare to be assaulted with compliments from Reuben enthusiasts young and old.

Buy it now for $20.

Cafe Du Monde sweatshirt


2020 was a year of many things, but especially the year of cancelled vacations. If you had a postpone a foray to NOLA, you can still bring home this sweatshirt from its iconic coffee 'n' beignet spot Cafe Du Monde—and it's as fresh as the smell of warm dough dusted in powdered sugar.

Buy it now for $20.

Night + Market Larb King hat


Night + Market is truly a force of nature in LA's dining scene, both for its inventive Thai dishes and its immaculately curated wine list. This hat is perfect for the larb king in your friend group—and if you don't already know one, it's time to get some takeout.

Buy it now for $30.

E Stretto ‘Good Subs’ T-shirt

e stretto good subs shirt.png

There are many kinds of subs, not limited to underwater crafts, meat-stuffed sandwiches, and sexually submissive partners who enjoy role play. This shirt from the bicoastal sandwich spot covers the intersection between at least two of those things.

Buy it now for $30.

Best Pizza hoodie


Oh hey, it’s Best Pizza, the home of our very own Pizza Show host Frank Pinello. Throw this into the rotation of the three cozy things that you wear all week.

Buy it now for $55.


The Meat Hook NY sausage tote


If you're anything like us, you have an entire closet full of tote bags (and if you don't, WHY ARE YOU STILL USING PLASTIC BAGS?). This is the perfect addition to your tote bag collection: Use it to pick up all your groceries, take it to the beach, or use it to carry around your newly adopted and cute AF rescue pup.

Buy it now for $20.

Konbi egg socks


LA's Konbi is known for its epicly photogenic egg salad sandwich, which thankfully tastes as good as it looks. If you're going to stuff a stocking with socks, make sure that they're covered in happy little eggs.

Buy them now for $12.

Middle Child "free yourself from shitty corporate lunch" shirt


Philadelphia's Middle Child is a down-to-earth spot to grab a great egg sandwich or Cobb salad—and it's also a place that prides itself on stealing you away from mediocre fast-casual chains. No matter where you live, you deserve better than shitty corporate lunch.

Buy it now for $30.

Tacos 1986 crewneck sweatshirt


We all know some serious taco enthusiasts, and this cozy crewneck sweatshirt from LA taco destination Tacos 1986 belongs in their closets. Plus, everyone needs more sweats right now.

Buy it now for $49.

Russ & Daughters x Jake Gyllenhaal shirt

russ daughters x jake gyllenhaal shirt.png

We could eat a metric ton of Russ & Daughters' lox and never get sick of it—and apparently, neither will Jake Gyllenhaal, who collab'd on this tie-dyed number. Jake is the only dude with a man-bun that we respect, and we also respect his support of smoked fish.


Buy it now for $40.

Ritual mug + coffee set


For the coffee-loving commie in your life, San Francisco's fancy java destination Ritual offers this appropriately revolutionary mug 'n' beans set.

Buy it now for $35.

Publix windbreaker


For reasons we don't fully understand, people from Florida absolutely LOVE Publix. But we all have our regional food cults, so while we may not get it-get it, we know how it feels to be damn proud of where you're from. That's what makes this windbreaker a fabulous gift for a Florida Man.

Buy it here for $24.95.

Honey Butter Fried Chicken bee pan


Chicago peeps go crazy for Honey Butter Fried Chicken and its Southern-comfort-food offerings. But since we're all cooking at home way, way more these days, hit your lucky gift recipient with this bee pan in which they can make their own perfect cornbread.

Buy it now for $30.

Wax Paper hardcore sandwich shirt

wax-paper-hardcore-sandwich copy.png

LA's Wax Paper always has long lines for its overstuffed, NPR-host-themed sandwiches. Whether your lucky recipient loves Madball and Sick of It All or just turkey and aioli, this is a decidedly unique piece of 'wich merch that encourages being a poser in the best way possible.

Buy it now for $25.

Dark Matter jaguar coffee storage container


Chicago's Dark Matter Coffee is known for its unique blends, from it's "holidank" blend Chronikkah to its Unicorn Blood espresso. Where are you gonna stash all those beans? In this rad container that will also add some pizzazz to your countertop.


Buy it now for $40.

Sky High Farm x 917 shirt

sky high farm shirt-transparent.jpg

As part of a year-long partnership between Dover Street Market and Sky High Farm, this limited-edition merch has all been made especially for the nonprofit Hudson Valley farm, which has spent the past nine years tackling food insecurities in underserved communities in both New York City and New York state. We think this longsleeve is pretty slick.

Buy it now for $45.

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