Why Some Video Games Fail and Others Succeed

Why did ‘Among Us’ suddenly succeed, where did ‘Valheim’ come from, and other pressing questions about success.
Image: VICE TV

For every hugely successful PlayStation 2 there’s a tragic failure like the Dreamcast. Long running video games franchises like Zelda produce horrors like Link: Faces of Evil. Even Mario starred in the rightfully forgotten Hotel Mario. Some video games and systems are destined for failure while others are sure to rise. But why?

Welcome to RESET: The Unauthorized Guide to Video Games, a new television show from VICE and Waypoint that tackles the complicated and fascinating world of the world’s new favorite pastime. This week on RESET, Dexter Thomas journeys into the strange world of video game failures to see what he can learn

“The history of video game development is littered with failure, both hardware and software,” Thomas said. “It makes you wonder, is there a pattern we can find in all this? And if so, what do the people who make games learn from it? On this episode of RESET, we’ll talk to video game developers past and present and a historian in an attempt to find out why some games fail, some become legendary, and a rare few manage to do both.”

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