Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, August 2022

Welcome to Leo season, dear Capricorn!

The sun in Leo illuminates a sensitive sector of your chart, inspiring change and transformation. You could feel inspired to cut yourself free from the past, settle a debt, or resolve a longstanding issue. Money is a significant focus at this time, especially regarding bills, taxes, debts, inheritances, and money you share with partners in love or business. 

Leo is the sign of the heart, and Leo season is all about acting with integrity and passion. Our best qualities can shine during Leo season, and Capricorn, some of your best qualities are your resilience, determination, and fearlessness. Your grit is especially apparent to everyone during this season.


Action planet Mars meets wildcard Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus on August 1, which can bring some exciting, unexpected thrills your way! Uranus is the planet of surprise, and sure, when it meets warrior planet Mars, some unexpected bickering could take place and people are more impatient than usual—but amazing creative breakthroughs, and unexpected, hot encounters can take place, too! Venus in Cancer activates the relationship sector of your chart, boding well for harmony within your partnerships, and surprising connections form as Venus mingles with Uranus and Mars on August 2. Venus is all about harmony and unity, and its alignment with Uranus and Mars can inspire creativity and a supportive social atmosphere.

Communication planet Mercury enters fellow earth sign Virgo on August 4, perhaps bringing you news from afar or finding you planning your next trip! Mercury in Virgo could also find you organizing paperwork for school, writing an important paper, or perhaps publishing something. Venus mingles with Neptune in Pisces on August 7, inspiring a whimsical and romantic atmosphere: Love letters may come your way, or a sweet conversation can leave you feeling inspired and cared for! It’s a lovely time for communication in your relationships. A deep spiritual connection can form. Also on August 7, Mars squares off with your ruling planet Saturn, which is currently in Aquarius, which means you could be thinking a lot about your money and budget. You may have an important conversation about your cash or belongings at this time, or set a boundary around spending.


Venus opposes Pluto, which is currently in your sign, Capricorn, on August 9: Big, complicated, and even difficult emotions surface. Anything from deep desire to jealousy is up for discussion. It’s time to be honest with yourself and others about what you crave, and to take your partner seriously when they say what they want. Power struggles or control issues may come to a head. Last month’s full moon in your sign may have found you making an important discovery about yourself and your relationships, and as Venus opposes Pluto, you’re gaining more clarity on your values and boundaries, perhaps making an important decision regarding your wants and needs.

The full moon in Aquarius takes place on August 11, along with the sun squaring off with Uranus, Venus entering Leo, and Mars connecting with Neptune. Full moons are periods of culmination and release. A situation regarding finances may come to a climax at this time. Emotionally, you could find that you no longer have use for something you regarded as key to your sense of safety or comfort. Your ideas about value and security may be evolving. A payment you have been waiting for could arrive, or you may settle a debt. This is a lovely time to donate items you no longer use!

The sun’s square with Uranus can find you itching for freedom, perhaps cutting ties with the past in some significant way. Venus entering Leo can bring a lovely gift your way, and people could be especially generous with you at this time. Venus in Leo can inspire deep connection in your romantic relationships, and in business, you may find that people are inspired to invest in you. Mars’s connection with Neptune inspires creativity and confidence, and helps you have straightforward communications while approaching connection intuitively and conscientiously. This alignment inspires grace and charm!


The sun opposes Saturn on August 14, bringing a serious, focused energy, and perhaps finding you setting important limits concerning money—but also on this day, Mars connects with Pluto, finding you feeling tremendously powerful and influential! Mercury connects with Uranus on August 16, bringing surprising news or an unexpected opportunity your way. A philosophical breakthrough can take place! The mood is open-hearted and generous as Venus mingles with Jupiter in Aries on August 18, and this alignment bodes well for your financially, as well as at home and with family. Mars enters Gemini on August 20, bringing you a boost of energy and inspiring you to reorganize your workspace, reconfigure your schedule, or explore a new wellness routine.

A day-dreamy, creative energy flows as Mercury opposes Neptune on August 21—but watch out for miscommunications, fibs, and exaggerations. A more straightforward atmosphere arrives as Mercury mingles with Pluto on August 22, and you can make an important discovery in your research or learn something that transforms your way of thinking. A powerful conversation may take place at this time, and secrets shared.

Virgo season begins on August 22, perhaps finding you planning your next vacation, focused on school, or publishing something! You can enjoy a burst of creativity as Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus on August 24: You’re likely craving novelty and fun at this time, so free yourself to experiment with something new and delightful. Conversations about your career kick up as Mercury enters Libra on August 26. News about a reward or recognition could come your way, and it’s an exciting time to network!

The new moon in Virgo takes place on August 27, which can find you thinking about things from a new perspective. New moons in general symbolize new beginnings, but this one encourages you to embrace change. You may learn about an inspiring new idea, or perhaps traveling and being in a new environment illuminates new ideas for you! This is a powerful new moon for exploring opportunities and gently stepping out of your comfort zone. This new moon also finds Venus squaring off with Uranus, which can inspire you to experiment with new desires, and the sun squares off with Mars, putting you in an especially productive mood. Although you may feel more impatient than usual! 

Venus opposes Saturn on August 28, finding you seriously focused on financial planning and budgeting, perhaps setting new boundaries regarding your spending, and setting limitations in relationships where you and your partners (in love or business) share money. Venus is all about pleasure and desire, but Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac: Their opposition is all about reviewing standards, making choices that benefit us in the long-term, and saying no to extraneous frivolities.

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in September!