Antisemitic Attacker Jumped a New York Man and Yelled ‘Kanye 2024,’ Police Say

Police tell VICE News that a man was hospitalized after he was jumped in Central Park by a man yelling “Kanye 2024” and making antisemitic statements.
The attacker, left, Kanye West, right. Photo via NYPD and MEGA/GC Images.

A 63-year-old man was hospitalized after an antisemitic attack during which the assailant exclaimed “Kanye 2024,” police say. 

A man was walking through New York’s central park Wednesday morning at about 7:30 a.m. local time when he was attacked from behind, a spokesperson for NYPD told VICE News. The victim crashed to the ground breaking his hand and chipping his tooth. 

“Fuck the Jews. Gas the K—kes. Kanye 2024,” the assailant allegedly said, referencing the embattled rapper's antisemitic presidential “campaign.” 


Police say the man police believe to be in his 40s fled the scene with a bike and a bike trailer. They released a photo of the reported assailant which shows him pushing a bike trailer that has a sign reading “hungry and disabled.” The victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. 

“Horrified by this reported antisemitic assault of a 63-year-old in Central Park (and) by the injuries that were allegedly sustained,” the Anti-Defmation League (ADL) tweeted. “Crimes like these have a ripple effect across communities (and) cause unique trauma on top of physical harm.” 

Antisemitic attacks are on a five-year upswing, according to research conducted by the ADL. Last year had the highest number of attacks on record, but 2022 is expected to take that auspicious crown at the end of the month. 

Kanye West, who recently legally changed his name to Ye, is in the midst of a months-long downward spiral focused upon non-stop vile antisemitism the rapper. After being dropped by multiple agencies and businesses, Ye joined forces with some of the worst people online to announce a pseudo-campaign for the presidency. 

Experts have sounded the alarm about the toxic cocktail of Ye’s fame and antisemitism and warned of potential violence . Recently to promote his campaign Ye made several public appearances, including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show, where the embattled rapper made a full-throated endorsement of Hitler and the Nazis. 

Online neo-Nazis and far-right actors have been invigorated by Ye's actions and are ecstatic of how the rapper is pushing their antisemitic messaging and conspiratorial worldview into the spotlight. High-profile neo-Nazis have declared they’re supporting Ye in the election and some are even celebrating how he’s bringing watered-down racists closer to Nazism.