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A Man Accused of Murder Evaded the Cops by Becoming a Cop in Uttarakhand

The man managed to trick authorities for 19 years, despite having been accused of a serious crime.
Mumbai, IN
February 4, 2020, 8:10am
Man accused of murder escaped the cops by becoming a cop in Uttarakhand
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Mukesh Kumar had been a constable with the Uttarakhand police force for 19 years, patrolling different parts of the state on a quest to take down troublemakers and hardened criminals. However, it recently came to light that Kumar was keeping a dark secret from his colleagues. He was involved in a murder case in Uttar Pradesh back in 1997, before he joined the police forces.

Even though Kumar was tied to the serious crime for four years, he managed to successfully get recruited by the Uttarakhand police force in 2001. To make things easier for himself, he simply changed his address, thus managing to hoodwink authorities for almost two decades. However, history finally caught up with him and currently a case under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code, that deals with dishonesty and cheating, has been registered against him. Authorities have assured that appropriate action will be taken against him for all his crimes.

Not only is this a lesson in not taking someone at face value, but it also points to a bigger one: that the Uttarakhand police force really needs to be better at background checks.

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