All the Things We Overheard On Election Night

Here's everything we heard at Labour and Tory pubs over the course of one depressing night.
drinkers in pub
A pub in Westminster. Photo: Chris Bethell

It was not a fun evening – at least, not for those of us who weren't out celebrating the election of a Prime Minister who is racist, sexist and known as much for his lies as his willingness to yank the UK out of the EU as fast as possible, whatever the consequences.

It's a travesty, obviously. But what was the feeling on the ground, as the results were being read out and this situation became an inevitably? Over the course of the night, we were at a Labour pub in Hackney and Conservative pubs in Westminster, and boy was the mood tangible. In Hackney, there were tears. In Tory pubs, there were cheers.


Here's what we overheard over the course of the night.


Photo: Chris Bethell

– "The thing is, I trust the polls less than I trust anything. But this – this is rather good. Go on."

– "Fuck Laura."

– "Oh, Jess Phillips sent a letter in saying she's sad. She's sad, is she? There's a shame."

– "Is there another channel we can watch than the BBC? One that's less anti-Labour?"

– "You fucking cunts, Liberal Democrats. You fucking cunts. Are you feeling good about yourself?"

– "They got Brexit wrong, so…?"

– "Is everyone happy with the sound?"
"Yes, just not very happy with what they're saying."


A Labour supporter in Hackney. Photo: Luis Kramer

– *Spills Beer* "How could this night get any worse?"

– "We just want to hear ONE victory, OK?"

– "Tories hold the north. Who'd have thought it?"

– "Fuck the police."

– "We've been fucked!"

– "Everyone I've seen on [the TV] except John McDonnell can fuck off."