Daily Horoscope: October 18, 2020

The Scorpio moon connects with Venus.
October 17, 2020, 9:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

A peaceful atmosphere comes as the moon in sensitive Scorpio gently connects with sweet Venus at 6:05 AM. Hurt feelings are soothed as the moon harmonizes with psychic Neptune at 6:27 AM. Ask for assistance as the moon connects with generous Jupiter at 7:38 PM. The sun clashes with serious Saturn at 9:57 AM, finding us facing a harsh reality check—we’re not ready yet and have more learning to do! Look out for falling for potential instead of the real thing: At 10:48 AM Venus, the planet of love faces off with idealistic Neptune. We get a deeper understanding of our psychological patterns as the moon connects with power planet Pluto at 12:42 PM. Practical resolutions follow through as the moon connects with serious Saturn at 5:42 PM.

All times ET.


You are holding other people to very high standards as the sun clashes with Saturn, the planet of merit and hard work. While you might think that people aren’t good enough or your relationships aren’t living up to high expectations, consider that things are simply half baked and need more time to pan out.


Not all that glitters is gold, Taurus. Your planetary ruler Venus faces off with Neptune, the planet of beliefs, and there is an idealism that you have to come to terms with. Just because someone is paying attention to you doesn’t mean they are the love of your life. Of course, this is a nice time for inspiration and connecting with your spirituality.


Other people have their limits, Gemini, and that can stop you from having your fun, or it can teach you about how to respect their needs while still enjoying yourself all the while. The sun in your house of flings and friendships clashes with Saturn, planet of rejection. Something’s got to change!


Rejection won’t hurt so bad if you just understand that other people have their own hangups, independent of you! The sun clashes with Saturn, the planet of hardship, which has you navigating other people’s boundaries and personal rules in new, delicate ways. Sometimes it really isn’t you, it’s them.


There are only 24 hours in a day, Leo. Everything has its limits. You are finding them as the sun clashes with Saturn, the planet of structures and limits. You can’t overcommit yourself, as much as you might want to. Instead, find the authority on the topic, who can go the extra mile for you as the moon connects with Jupiter.


You’re not a doormat, Virgo. Venus faces off with idealistic Neptune, and you can be giving people the benefit of the doubt, or tapping out because you don’t want to believe that they’re not as bad as you really know they are. Use these rose tinted glasses to gas yourself up, not other people.


Things are changing, and you have the final say in your participation. The sun clashes with Saturn, the planet of structures, and you are addressing some very deeply ingrained standards that you have inherited from your parents. This can also just mean you’re changing things up at home. Avoid perfectionism, it’s impossible!


The moon in your sign has you directly in touch with the source of your feelings. You’re extra sensitive, especially as the moon connects with Neptune. If you’re drinking or taking substances, be sure you also practice moderation and drink a lot of water. You can easily overdo it!


You can be lost in delusions about how you appear to the public, so try to hold onto something and ground yourself as aesthetic Venus faces off with Neptune, the planet of fantasy. This can be an excellent time to get inspired and tap into something otherworldly, but don’t place your bets. Much of it is projection.


You have a very strong sense of discipline and self restraint, and that is being called upon today! The sun clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, and you are ready to issue out rejections on sight. Just know that this is also the chance for you to build something new, or to better understand how you hold yourself back.


You want people to appreciate you and everything you’ve done, more so than usual, as the moon moves through your house of public reputation and fame. You’d be surprised to learn what’s out there. If you just ask, you can make connections to the things you need as the moon gently harmonizes with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.


You tend to see the best in others and are very forgiving, and today is no exception. Venus, the planet of love, faces off with idealistic Neptune. While it’s good to forgive and heal, you also need to remember not to give everyone an all-access pass to your heart. Only invite your favorite people in!

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