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These Japanese Amusement Park Stickers Make You Look Like You’re Screaming While Wearing a Face Mask

For when health comes first but funny roller coaster photos are a close second. 
Photo: Courtesy of Greenland Amusement Park via PRTimes

When Japanese amusement parks, like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, asked their guests not to scream while riding attractions to avoid coronavirus transmission, many people thought it was a nearly-impossible task, even for the most experienced roller coaster riders. Others, meanwhile, thought the new rule took the fun out of photo-ops.

But with health the number one priority, some parks have taken it upon themselves to prove naysayers wrong, often in very creative ways. There’s that video of company executives staying quiet while riding a roller coaster to encourage people to “scream inside your heart” and now, this park is bringing back screaming faces to ride photos.


On July 17, Greenland Amusement Park in the Kumamoto Prefecture released stickers shaped like screaming mouths, which visitors can stick to their now-mandatory facemasks.

japanese park roller coaster sticker

Photo: Courtesy of Greenland Amusement Park​ via PRTimes

The park’s staff even took them out for a spin.

In a video posted on YouTube, a woman wearing the amusement park’s uniform is seen wearing a facemask with a sticker that makes her look like she’s yelling. She doesn’t actually let out a single scream but her eyes and face mask sticker say it all.

Another video shows a male staff member who couldn’t keep his cool.

There are a total of five different stickers available, which visitors can avail at the park’s entrance until the end of August.

mask stickers

“I want Greenland’s screaming stickers,” one netizen said, laughing.

“These mask stickers are so funny,” another wrote.

Japan had 39,702 COVID-19 cases and 1,014 deaths as of press time. Despite establishments like theme parks, restaurants, and bars reopening, cases have been rapidly increasing for the last few weeks.

To stay safe while operating, businesses are now getting very creative with their coronavirus policies. For example, some bars in Tokyo are now discouraging customers from kissing each other.

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