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In a Masturbation Mishap, Man Ends up With Phone Charger Cord Stuck in His Urinary Bladder

A cautionary tale involving a cable that was nearly two feet long.
June 5, 2020, 12:46pm
phone charger
Image by Kevin Vandal from Pixabay 

This article originally appeared on VICE India.

A 30-year-old man’s operation in a hospital in Assam in northeast India took an absurd turn when the doctors performing the surgery found a mobile phone charger cord stuck inside his urinary bladder.

The patient visited the hospital with severe abdomen pain, claiming he had ingested a headphone cable by mistake. But when the doctors examined his stool and conducted an endoscopy to find the said cable, they came back up with no results. Confused, the doctors conducted an X-ray while the patient was still in surgery to find the cause of the stomach pain. This X-ray revealed that the almost two-feet-long cable was not in his gastrointestinal tract—where things usually end up if you accidentally eat them—but, in fact, in his urinary bladder. The operation that took place earlier this week disclosed that the cable had been inserted through his, well, penile urethra.

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“He told us that he had consumed headphones through the mouth, but in fact, he had inserted the mobile charger cable through his penis.” Dr Walliul Islam, a noted surgeon in Guwahati, told Hindustan Times. “I have been conducting surgeries for 25 years now but this is the first time such a case happened on the operation table.”

According to the doctor, the patient had a fondness for inserting things—including cables—through his penis as a form of sexual pleasure. This time around though, he took it a bit too far.

Stuffing your pee-hole is a type of sexual fetish called recreational sounding, which involves the insertion of an object or liquid into the urethra. While sounding is actually a medical procedure to clear obstructions from the urethra, when done safely, it can be a satisfying form of sexual play—and the incident described above is not the first time a man has stuck a foreign object up his penis. The stimulation of the prostate through sounding is often listed as one of its main benefits. The most common length of the object inserted is upto half a foot—almost one-fourth the length of the object inserted by the patient in this case. And more than the medical mishap of having the object accidentally stuck in the urinary bladder, sounding is associated with sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections.

“The person had come to us five days after he inserted the cable,” added the surgeon. “He repeatedly told us he consumed it through his mouth and we never imagined an adult would lie about such a thing.” The doctor then said that they could’ve done away with the surgery if the patient had told the truth, in they would've removed the cable through the same route it was inserted.

So while the patient is now safe and recovering well, this incident is another lesson in practising safe sexual play. And even if it somehow ends up going wrong, to at least be honest with the doctor.

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