Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, February 2022

Welcome to Aquarius season, dear Scorpio!
Aquarius and Pisces
Robin Eisenberg

Aquarius is famously a future-oriented sign, but Aquarius season always seems to put you in a nostalgic mood, dear Scorpio. Perhaps that’s because you’re so good at spotting trends that by the time the future rolls around, it’s old news to you, and you find yourself thinking back to when you first guessed things would turn out this way…

In any case, February opens with the beginning of a new cycle, perhaps at home, concerning your living situation, or in your family life, with the new moon in Aquarius on February 1! New moons are all about fresh starts, and this is a lovely time to energetically cleanse your home: Get some ventilation going, sweep up, and change your sheets. Donate belongings you no longer need and experiment with a new aesthetic in your space. Reconnect with your family or build an altar for your ancestors. Acknowledge the past, and think about new traditions you want to create in your home. You may be moving somewhere new, or on an emotional level, you may be creating a new sense of security.


Mercury ends its retrograde in Capricorn on February 3, finding the conversations and plans that were reworked or delayed during the retrograde moving forward. Mercury in Capricorn encourages us to communicate in a dry and straightforward manner. While you’re famously mysterious, you’re likely getting down to business in your communications at this time, little scorpion!

Mars is also in Capricorn this month, helping things move along quickly, and on February 4, your ruling planet Mars mingles with lucky Jupiter in Pisces, inspiring an atmosphere of exuberance, fun, and adventure! The energy at home may be quite serious, however, as the sun meets Saturn in Aquarius on February 4. You might have to set some firm boundaries at home, with family, or around your private life.

Your ruling planet Mars makes a harmonious connection with Uranus in your opposite sign Taurus on February 8, bringing chance meetings or surprising news. You’re feeling quite witty and confident, and the mood is experimental and spontaneous! Mercury meets your other ruling planet, Pluto, in Capricorn on February 11, finding you thinking back to December 30, 2021 and January 28, 2022, as similar themes come up for consideration. This is a powerful time for research, and secrets may surface. Scorpios are famously not into small talk, and profound discussions can take place at this time. Issues like control and power are highlighted, and you may be in an intense mood, but it’s a powerful moment to transform your thinking patterns and habits. 

Messenger planet Mercury enters Aquarius on February 14, kicking up conversations about your personal life, home, and family. An idea that was brewing as Mercury moved through Capricorn can be tinkered and experimented with at this time. The full moon in Leo arrives on February 16, finding you achieving a goal. You might be basking in the spotlight, reaching great heights, receiving rewards and recognition! But there may also be tension between your personal and public lives, and finding a better work-life balance is an important at this time. This full moon also finds Venus and Mars meeting in Capricorn, marking the start of an important conversation about your values, goals, and desires.

Jupiter and Uranus align on February 17, bringing paradigm-shifting surprises—this could also be a hugely romantic and creative moment for you! A big upgrade could be taking place. Your heart can feel liberated, and you might be exploring passions and fantasies with romantic partners in a new and exciting way. You may be partnering with someone brilliant for an exciting new creative project, too. The mood is open-minded and progressive! The sun enters fellow water sign Pisces on February 18, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules fun, pleasure, passion, artistry, and love…follow your heart, Scorpio, and enjoy yourself!

Mars mingles with dreamy Neptune on February 23, inspiring a productive and compassionate atmosphere. Venus also connects with Neptune on February 24, which could bring inspiring news your way, and in your love life, you might be exchanging love poems or having especially sweet conversations. Neptune makes harmonious connections with your ruling planet Mars and lovely Venus late this month, bringing a dose of magic and wonder, and finding you having plenty of fun! Unexpected news and schedule changes might take place as Mercury squares off with Uranus on February 24, so keep things flexible.

Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in March!