Aries Personality Traits: Everything You Need to Know

They are the first sign on the zodiac wheel, and they know it.
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This year, Aries season spans March 19, 2024, to April 19, 2024, making it a fast-paced, exciting, reenergizing time of year. If you’re an Aries, have Aries placements, or are interested in someone born under the sign of the ram, this article will fill you in on this spirited fire sign.

Aries is ruled by the action planet Mars, and it’s what astrologers refer to as a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are at the top of the season—in Aries’ case, spring. But Aries isn’t just the first zodiac sign of spring: It’s also the first sign on the zodiac wheel! Maybe this is why Aries loves coming in first place in everything they do. Cardinal signs are leaders and trendsetters, and being ruled by Mars, Aries has a daring, dashing, go-getter attitude.


Being the first sign on the zodiac wheel is sort of a big deal to Aries. They take being a leader seriously and are not afraid to go or do what hasn’t been done before. Some astrologers describe Aries as having a sort of “beginner’s luck” about them. As fierce and fiery as they can be, though, there’s also something very innocent about Aries. They’re often known as the baby of the zodiac, and they can have a wide-eyed, open-minded approach to the world. But, even if they’re the baby of the zodiac, they know a thing or two about strategy and strength: in the Tarot, Aries is associated with The Emperor card, which can symbolize authority and power.

How to spot an Aries

Have you run into someone who is simply excelling at life? They may be incredibly well-dressed. Or they just got a promotion. Or they’re an expert in something random but totally interesting, and people eagerly gather around them asking questions. You may have spotted an Aries! You can typically tell an Aries is an Aries because something about them makes them seem like they should be walking around with a sash that says “number 1.” 

Do you feel slightly intimidated by them yet also find them adorable? They might be an Aries! Like the Emperor card in the Tarot, Aries can give off a tough first impression that they are not someone to be reckoned with. But, as the first sign of the zodiac wheel and the baby of the zodiac, there can be something very sweet and charming about them, too. 


Another way to spot an Aries is by noticing: Are they zipping around from place to place? Do they have a spontaneous or impulsive quality about them? Do they seem like the human manifestation of a red sports car? These are all signs you’ve encountered an Aries.

There’s no pretense when it comes to the baby of the zodiac! If the ram is in a bad mood, they’ll be huffing about; if they’re in a good mood, they’ll bounce around, chatting people up and celebrating life! Aries is neither fake nor phony, and they aren’t afraid to express their feelings. 

Aries has a central nature, like the sun. Even a quiet, shy Aries might not be obviously brave or impulsive, but they are still the main character. They’re a powerful force, even if you can’t tell at first glance, though some Aries make it evident with their fast conversations and sporty vibe. As natural leaders, there’s something about Aries that inspires people to follow them. More than simply being popular, they can drum up a following that eagerly supports their work and looks to them as a trendsetter.

Aries and style

Aries is a leader, and their fearless, haphazard fashion choices can start a whole wave, like girls in tracksuit bottoms and silk bows. Whether it’s laundry day or they’re in a rush to get out of the house, Aries can throw any outfit together and still make it look cool. They might be wearing the most incredible outfit you’ve ever seen, if only by accident. Aries doesn’t have to think about what they’re wearing—they just put on what’s in front of them. Whether organized neatly in a drawer or quickly picked up off the floor, whatever Aries is wearing looks their own.

Aries can be very utilitarian about their style, especially if they need to be extra mobile or face the elements! Aries is very at home in athleisure and in sporty casual brands like LL Bean or Patagonia. Aries can have a punk aesthetic, but they’re also very comfortable in preppy attire. If Aries is getting dressed up to go out, they’re keen on making a strong impression, often wearing bold looks in bold prints and colors.


Aries’s intellect and communication 

Despite astrologers making fun of Aries’s impulsivity and likelihood of getting easily bored, Aries is an intellectual with a wide range of interests. They typically love to read and likely are big fans of their local library. Aries is the zodiac sign ruling the head, so it’s no surprise they are brainy! They love words and may enjoy puzzle games like Scrabble or have a hobby learning about entomology. 

Their brain power can really shine through their memory. Not every Aries has a photographic memory (some do), but emotions make a strong impression on them that they never forget. These feelings they hold onto can serve as a guide. 

Conversations are learning experiences, and they use language as a way to get a better understanding of people and society at large. They enjoy the art of getting to know other people and have a natural curiosity for other people’s lives. They are very interested in learning how different people tick and are typically invested in becoming better communicators. 

Aries at home

Aries can go through phases where they’re never at home because they are always out socializing or are at school or work—and they can go through phases where their couch is their favorite place to be.   

You might know an Aries for years without ever seeing their bedroom. Their domain is extremely private and mysterious. But then, once you get a special glimpse of it, you’ll be drawn to their bookshelf, their collection of cozy clothes, their houseplants, and their nostalgic collections of stuffed animals and trinkets.


Many Aries enjoy having housemates. The more the merrier! They can be a very central figure in the household. They enjoy organizing different activities and initiating events around the house. An Aries who lives alone may find they enjoy having their home (or maybe just their porch, because again, Aries can be surprisingly private!) be a hub for friends to gather.

How an Aries decorates is as varied and unique as an Aries themselves. They can survive and thrive in the widest variety of places, and as long as they have their basic needs met, they’re happy. That said, they wouldn’t mind living near a beach, river, or another body of water. 

Aries and their feelings

Aries are tough, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sensitive. They are very sentimental and often have a deep relationship with the past. Because Aries can seem to zip through their days so quickly and cheerfully, you might not be able to tell that they carry a lot in their hearts or that the past still holds deep meaning to them. 

Some Aries make it obvious how they’re feeling, wearing their heart on their sleeve, while others might try to keep their composure to stay strong as a leader. While they can cycle through feelings quickly, they still feel them deeply. When Aries is happy, they’re very generous and nurturing. They are very good at sharing and glad to take care of others. It’s like they are driving across the country on an endless fuel tank. Their positive energy is contagious! 


When Aries is sad, they might prefer to spend time alone rather than share everything they feel with the world. They can be very private about their feelings and need extra time and space to process them. They can keep their feelings private and only share them with people they trust. As tough as Aries is, they’re not afraid to cry.

Aries and their art

Aries are hugely creative, and their vast talents are impossible to overlook! Aries are divas with incredible voices, including Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. Their talent is often one of a kind, like Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent van Gough. Their art can be immersive and surreal, like Yayoi Kusama’s. 

As the leader of the zodiac, they’re also the leader of many artistic and cultural movements. Their fearless expression puts them in the avant-garde, and they’re not afraid to do something no one has ever done. They’re excited about creating something original, cutting-edge, and even a little absurd. Some Aries also enjoy the debates their work could inspire between people: Art is most exciting when people are passionate about it, and they love hearing how their art resonates with various people!

Aries and friendship

Aries loves being in a bunch of different social circles and enjoys having a lot of friends. A busy social schedule can make Aries feel like they’ve “made it” in life, as much as a fancy job title could! They’re proud of their friends and are happy when their friendships can contribute to bigger networks outside their clique. 

Being a part of a big house share, co-op, or social club allows them to build relationships based on concrete goals and shared interests. Living like they’re on the set of Friends or The Real World could be a young Aries’s dream. As they get older, they try to keep up with their friends and aren’t shy about continuing to make new ones, getting involved with groups and communities that share their passions and hobbies. 


Aries likes to be friends with artists, photogenic and stylish people, rebels—anyone who stands out and embraces their individuality! Who did Andy Warhol invite to his parties? Famous international spies, debutantes, thinkers, models, actresses, spiritual leaders, his mom, and miscellaneous celebrities. Those are the types of people Aries wants to be friends with.

Aries wants to connect with the world around them, to feel a sense of unity. Pop culture and politics allow them to feel this connection, and they like to talk about the topics du jour with their friends. What shows is everyone watching? What’s the matter with the world today? Aries wants to discuss.

Aries having fun

Like many people of any zodiac sign, Aries has the most fun when they’re expressing themselves creatively or when they’re enjoying art, whether performing at or attending a concert. Being around art, artists, and expressing themselves is what makes their heart sing. They also enjoy sports or activities like trivia night, where they can exhaust themselves mentally and physically. Being athletic or strategic is a kind of creativity, too!

Not every Aries will love being the center of attention, but they enjoy getting recognition for their smarts. They’re happy to take their friends to exhibitions that reflect their expertise and answer any questions they have on the topics. They are also not above getting dressed up according to a theme or dress code and going out in a group.


How to attract an Aries

Aries loves the thrill of the chase, so give it to them! But, without appearing uninterested, let them know they’re winning your heart by sharing your delight in the efforts. They are attracted to stylish, refined, polite, and graceful people! Send them flowers or a love letter. Be cool and easy to talk to. 

Aries has a romantic side that goes unnoticed. They want you to be interested in them, and if you seem bored or too aloof, they will get the wrong message. Aries is a direct sign that appreciates simplicity and directness. You’re either into them or you’re not! Simple gestures can communicate feelings that are deep and warm. Don’t leave them guessing, but don’t smother them. 

Look your best, but be yourself. Aries appreciates what makes you unique, and they’re happy to feast their eyes on your beauty! Aries can be one of the more aesthetically focused zodiac signs. If they’re interested in you, it’s probably something to do with your style, so be confident in showing off your excellent taste! 

Don’t be rude or messy. Aries appreciates manners and is attracted to those who are considerate of others. Know how to read the room and come correct. Don’t show up to their house empty-handed. Cover the basics: Say hello, how are you, please, and thank you. Pour them a drink. Offer to pay. If you enjoyed yourself, send a follow-up text letting them know. 


Dating an Aries

Aries wants to feel like a superstar when you take them out on a date. They want to go someplace flashy and expensive, someplace where people go to see and be seen! But, there is also a much more casual side to Aries, who would love to have a barbecue with you and close friends and laugh all night by a fire. Aries loves someone who is reliable but who can also be spontaneous. They want you to show up to the date on time and to be down to change dinner plans last minute because they scored last-minute tickets to a great show. Aries might enjoy taking advantage of time-limited opportunities. Is the carnival in town for the weekend? A holiday fair taking place for just a few short days? Aries likely wants to go! 

If you want to get Aries a gift, you have to take things slow. You can’t give them red roses on a first date; they’ll probably think you’re coming on too strong. Give them something gourmet at first. As your romance continues, get more luxurious. They like pretty things, of course. 

If you are first getting to know them, ask them what they think about their neighborhood, roommates, or daily commute. If anything topical or political comes up, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, or to ask Aries what their stance is! 


You can expect Aries to treat you like the special person that you are! They are interested in what makes people unique and want to know what makes you you. An Aries partner will celebrate your individuality and come along for the party. Just be sure you see them for the special person they are, too.

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Aries and ghosting 

Aries can fall in love quickly, and if they leave a relationship, they can get over it quickly, too. If they ghost you, it could simply be that they’re having difficulty managing their schedule, and they assume that if you want to hear from them, you’ll reach out. While Aries loves the chase, they don’t want to be burdened with being the initiator all the time. If they said they’d call you later but didn’t, it’s valid to be annoyed and perhaps to dump them! No one wants to be with someone who can’t keep their word. But, it may not be ghosting per se, and they may be expecting you to reach out if they’ve forgotten. After all, they’d probably do that for you. In fact, most Aries don’t bat an eyelash about who texted who first or who said they would call next: If you said you’d call, but you haven’t yet, and Aries has something to say, they’ll call! It’s not that Aries doesn’t like playing games, it’s more that they are moving through life so quickly, they’re not even thinking about the game.

Like anyone of any zodiac sign, an Aries might ghost you for a whole variety of reasons, and it all depends on the person, not the zodiac sign: They may ghost if they lack communication skills, are going through something very emotionally difficult, need space, are immature or inconsiderate, or if you made them uncomfortable and they don’t feel safe reaching out to you again. 


Aries and their daily routine

While it might seem to an outside observer that Aries does what they please all day, that’s probably not true. Aries usually know precisely how their work day will go once they wake up, and they have a clear idea in their mind, or written in their planner, about which tasks need to be accomplished to reach their goals. When they’re not working, they like to know who they’ll be spending time with; however, they often appreciate flexible plans regarding when and where time is spent. Aries loves to be free to explore something on a whim!

Aries have very intricate routines, and they are like alchemists when it comes to their approach to fitness and nutrition. Aries often enjoy sharing their knowledge of physical fitness with others, and if you have an ache or pain, Aries might know exactly which stretch you should try. Aries appreciates the science of wellness, and whether they’re into herbalism or high-tech supplements, they enjoy learning about the body and what makes it tick.

When Aries first wakes up, they need to know what time it is, what day it is, and what’s on the agenda. They’ll act accordingly. This can mean they answer messages, read the news, or do their regular morning ritual. What they get up to might depend on how they slept or their instinctual feeling as soon as they wake up. They’re flexible, but they are never bored or without busy work.


Aries likes to study. They’ll read everything they can get their hands on regarding their topic of interest, whether they’re in school for it or not. They can be very self-taught and find their way into a trade that matches their autodidactic interests. They can join a class as a beginner and already somehow know more than everyone else. 

Once Aries gets home, they need some alone time to decompress. Whether this means they’re scrolling, reading, or doing a headstand, they have to blow off steam somehow. They have extra energy they need to shake off to unwind. 

What happens to Aries at night is very mysterious and only their family and roommates know about it. They get extremely cozy. Again, Aries can be very private at home. Or, maybe they’re ready to go out and meet with their friends. They’re up for spontaneous plans, if the headstands didn’t tire them enough. 

Aries and school

Aries enjoys learning, but they also enjoy talking and socializing, and building friendships may be one of their favorite parts of school. If the social scene is lacking, Aries may be quite dismayed! The friendships that form at school are cherished memories for Aries, as are the prizes they win for their hard work: Aries loves coming in first place, and school can be an exciting arena for them to show off their talents. Some Aries are also very athletic, and school could also provide an opportunity for them to play sports. 

The right school supplies can get Aries in the mood for learning. Having the right pen, notebook, and other small details that add to the mood on their desk can help them get in the zone. They often enjoy listening to lectures and taking notes, and they might connect with teachers with a very straightforward way of explaining things. Aries typically likes interacting in class, whether they’re the teacher’s pet asking questions to the instructor or the class clown entertaining fellow students.


In college, Aries strives to broaden their horizons and learn ways to improve the world. They may be attracted to fields like international relations, law, policy, and foreign languages. They are the leaders of the zodiac and might even want to be leaders of the world! They have a presidential vibe. They may also be drawn to subjects like psychology and philosophy, or may be interested in education as a major. Many Aries also like working with their hands, so perhaps they’ll apprentice as a woodworker or study jewelry making, painting, or whatever art suits them.

Aries and travel

Adventurous Aries can spend months creating an itinerary for a vacation but then throw it all away once they arrive and feel inspired to go with the flow! They love planning for a trip as much as they enjoy being there. They love to ooh and ahh over travel brochures and blogs. 

They enjoy traveling in style, and whether it’s a road trip or a flight on a private jet, they like to have any sort of luxury at their fingertips. Travel is a special occasion for them, so they want the journey not to feel like an everyday event. Even if they usually wouldn’t splurge on snacks at the movies, they might when it comes to travel day. 

Emotionally, travel for Aries is an opportunity to get out of their head, experience something new, and gain a new perspective. It’s an opportunity for them to expand and grow. It could even be a holy endeavor for them, and they could find themselves connecting with a spiritual side of themselves when they’re abroad, even if that wasn’t originally the intention.


On the one hand, Aries loves traveling to places nothing like their home. On the other hand, the baby of the zodiac can occasionally get homesick, so traveling with items that remind them of home or simply visiting a familiar global chain store while they’re abroad could cheer them up.

Aries and work

Aries are very independent workers and select a work environment where they can tailor things to their liking (their office area, for example, or their schedule) and where they’re given room to do things their way. Aries may develop their own processes and protocols, and they don’t like to have their methods toyed with or micromanaged. Aries also tends to work quickly, and they don’t like having people or projects in the way of getting things finished in the manner and speed that they see fit. As speedy as Aries can be, they are often quite detail-oriented and pay attention to the little things that make a job well done.

They can be great team players; however, they may act like they’ve been elected team captain, even if they haven’t been! Aries simply has natural leadership skills that are hard for them to squash. 

Because leadership comes naturally to them, they gravitate towards roles where they can be in charge and oversee projects. Aries can be fun and playful in their personal lives, but at work, they may have a different energy about them. They may be much more reserved and serious, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t invested in the people around them. They enjoy giving pep talks and rallying their colleagues, and they enjoy supporting people in reaching their goals. Winning is a big theme for Aries; they want to see the people around them succeed. They’ll do what it takes as a leader to help their people achieve their goals.


Aries and finances

You’d be surprised to learn that impulsive Aries can be great with money. They might even take on finances as a hobby, enjoying learning about investing, taxes, budgeting, and such. Sometimes, Aries can lose interest in a subject if they don’t take to it quickly; however, money is often an area where they can often find enough patience to try and try again. 

Aries enjoys earning money, saving it, and watching it grow, and they can greatly benefit from a detailed budget. Sometimes Aries rushes through things, and slowing down and writing in detail what they have spent and earned could take them a long way in reaching their financial goals. 

When sharing money with partners, Aries would be wise not to get too entangled and not to let lines become blurred. Firm boundaries regarding shared resources and funds are beneficial.

Aries and being first

Spring is the astrological new year and a season of renewal: Life returns after a long, dark winter. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries leads the way. They want to be the first to do things. They might like to be at the front of the line. Or maybe this “first” nature is a competitive edge: They want to come in first place.

Aries and being competitive

A mature Aries is a great sport, but playing a game with an immature Aries is annoying—not because they’re so competitive that it sucks the fun out of everything, but because they assume from the first roll of the dice, or the first throw, that they have already won. They’re doing a victory dance two minutes in. And even if they didn’t win, they still saunter around as if they had. While Scorpio or Aquarius, two other competitive signs, will quietly brood over their strategy and stay quiet until the win is secured, the immature Aries is in a la la land where they have already been given the first-place medal. It’s sort of sweet, in a way!

Aries and impulsivity

Many know about this stereotype. Being ruled by Mars, the planet of action, Aries likes to make things happen. They are known to strike while the iron is hot and to live in the moment. This impulsivity can be misconstrued as impatience (which it might be), but it also stems from their strong intuition, which they’ll often follow as they may feel like they lack integrity if they don’t. A mature Aries will balance trusting their intuition with patience.

Aries and spirituality

For some Aries, spirituality creeps too close to the mystery and the unknown to be comfortable, and they might rather shut it out and pretend it doesn’t exist. For other Aries, spirituality is a huge part of their lives. They’re not afraid of the unknown; they’re attracted to it, ready to marinate in its mystery. It all depends on the Aries and where they’re at in life! 

The aspects of religion that speak to compassion, generosity, and forgiveness speak to Aries’s soul. While Aries can have a short temper, they may be called to a spiritual journey because they want to heal their angrier parts and engage with humanity in a kind and loving way. 

New age spirituality, the occult, tarot, energy healing, and other alternative practices can also be very attractive to Aries. They enjoy anything new and different and delight in visiting patchouli-scented wellness centers and bookstores. 

The social aspect of spirituality, like astrology circles or prayer groups, can also call to them. Singing in a choir or being part of a group chant can feel especially healing or transcendent for the ram.

This article was updated for clarity. It was originally published in May 2023.