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Police Confirm Ian Connor Is Under Investigation for Sexual Assault

Last week Ian Connor, a rising fashion and media star, brushed off rape accusations, claiming that his accuser was only coming forward because of his newfound fame. Documents obtained by Broadly show otherwise.
Photo via Getty by Dimitrios Kambouris

Twenty-three-year-old Ian Connor is considered many things: an influencer, a fashion muse to Kanye West, a social media maven, and now, allegedly, a rapist.

Though Connor has since taken to Twitter to deny the allegation, saying it only comes on the heels of his posing for the cover of the British art and fashion magazine Exit, Broadly has obtained documents that cast doubt in on his protestations.

Ain't No Coincidence I Make My First Big Magazine Cover For A Bitch To Make Up Allegations For Her Own Self Esteem Purposes.

— Ian Connor (@souljaian)April 8, 2016


Music and fashion outlets began picking up the story last Friday, shortly after Malika Anderson, a 23-year-old Emory University student, published a blog post recounting her experiences with the stylist and A$AP Mob member. Titled "Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand," the post describes a non-consensual sexual encounter that took place between her and Connor at her home in October of 2014. She writes:

[F]or the most part, I kept it to myself except for telling close friends, my mom, and my therapist. After a little over a year, I finally tweeted about him being a rapist (not about him raping me specifically but I called him a rapist) because I've gotten more comfortable talking about it as time has passed and because I want everyone to know the truth. That same day he messaged me on a fake account… Trying to harass me. […] His harassing messages prompted me to file a police report.

Anderson goes on to detail the events of the alleged sexual assault.

According to records provided to Broadly by the DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia, an incident report for an alleged sexual assault, which reportedly took place on October 5, 2014, was filed on December 16, 2015. These dates corroborate Anderson's blog post.

A precinct source has confirmed that the investigation into the assault claim is still active.

Connor claimed on Twitter that Anderson was creating rape allegations simply because he was on the cover of a magazine. However, if Anderson is the person who filed this report, then she made her accusation long before the magazine cover was published.


So far, Connor has only responded to Anderson's accusation via Twitter on April 8, the same day the story broke.

Swear This Is My Karma For Finessing Every Bitch I Came Across Just To Mentally Prove A Point. Lmao The Universe Is Paying Me Back.

— Ian Connor (@souljaian)April 8, 2016

But I Have Honesty On My Side, So I'm Literally Laughing At Whatever Life Throws At Me.

— Ian Connor (@souljaian)April 8, 2016

In a separate blog post entitled "For Malika," Chicago artist Jean Deaux alleges that Connor raped her in 2013. Some of Connor's older tweets, some from the same time that Anderson and Deaux allege they were assaulted by Connor, make light of sexually assaulting women.

Connor was reached by phone early this afternoon but was unwilling to comment.